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Odyssey for Equality Arrives in Ontario and Quebec:
“This is a difficult time to be a boy growing up.” – Dr. James Brown, CAFE President.
Dr. Brown is the author of Rescuing Our Underachieving Boys, and several other publications dealing with how parents, the education system and society in general can help to deal with the crisis faced by men and boys in the current climate in society.
Let’s do a better job at educating our boys. Click here to learn more

CAFE Joins the Necktie Campaign:
Help us in urging the federal government to include men and boys in the upcoming inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.
Special Update: Mi’kmaw Native Centre and Public Service Alliance of Canada Joins the Necktie Campaign
Click here to read more and find out how you can help

Parental Alienation and Fatherlessness:
Our advisor Brian Ludmer, a prominent family law lawyer, has prepared a variety of resources and designed a blog on parental alienation. Brian was one of the drafters of Canada’s proposed equal shared parenting amendment, Bill C-560.
Click here for more information.

In the CAFE Blogs
  • Men’s issues returns to Ryerson University!

    MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH: A SILENT CRISIS       Featuring McGill Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Whitley and his team making the case for a men’s health support group at Ryerson University. “Take it like a man” is not good enough. Men account for over 75% of suicides. Yet men under-utilize mental health services and sometimes engage
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  • CAFE Montreal Is on the Map!

    A huge congratulations to the entire CAFE Montreal team on their landmark event for men’s issues awareness Saturday night. The screening of The Red Pill film was extremely well received by the audience of some 400-500 people. Three of our CAFE advisors – Barbara Kay, Paul Nathanson and Robert Whitley – joined Sophie Durocher to form
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  • The Red Pill: A Review

    The Red Pill: A Review Paul Nathanson [2017.01.19] The Red Pill’s title refers to a scene in The Matrix (Wachowski Brothers, 1999). Neo, the protagonist of this science-fiction feature, learns that he can take two pills, a red one that will wake him up to reality or a blue one that will allow him to
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  • CAFE Day at Parkdale Community Breakfast

    Today was CAFE Day at the Parkdale Community Breakfast. Hayden and I represented CAFE and the Canadian Centre for Men and Families by preparing and distributing breakfast to about 60 men of the Parkdale neighbourhood in Toronto. We met some amazing volunteers who proudly sported the CAFE colours, as you can see from the photos
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  • From a female partner of a wrongly convicted man

    My thoughts on the Healing Journeys Conference for male victims of abuse I am the female partner of a wrongly convicted man. Men who are victims of trauma believe, as a man, they could have controlled the situation but they can’t. Men in prisons suffer trauma intensively because it is much more intense when ones
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  • CAFE Calls for Open Minded Dialogue in Response to Censorship and Polarization on Canadian Campuses

    CAFE Calls for Open Minded Dialogue in Response to Censorship and Polarization on Canadian Campuses Statement issued Monday, November 28, 2016 In recent weeks, Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto has become a controversial figure due to his stance on several issues at the intersection of freedom of speech and identity politics. Reasonable
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