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Dear Mr. Yousefi,

Thank you very much for your letter. We appreciate the opportunity to listen to your priorities for Ontario. We share your commitment to Ontario’s future and believe that with more and better jobs, we can do what’s necessary to bring about the change Ontario needs.

I’m excited about our Million Jobs Plan—a plan to bring jobs back to Ontario, stop overspending, balance the budget and keep our debt from growing. Our plan relies on the notion that government should be smaller, but what it does, it does better. Our priorities for this election can be found at www.millionjobsplan.com

We need to face our challenges honestly and compassionately. It won’t be easy, but it can be done and it will be worth it. I know we can build a previously unimagined Ontario, but it’s going to take some courage and a willingness to challenge the failed status quo. That’s what our Ontario PC Million Jobs Plan delivers. We are asking government to tighten its belt, the way everyday Ontarians have, so that one million men and women out of work will have a shot at solid, good-paying jobs.

We’ve got a job to do. It’s time to get Ontario working better.


Pina Martino
Ontario PC Candidate
Etobicoke Centre
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