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The following constitutes the Canadian Association for Equality leadership team

Board of Directors

The following Directors were elected at the Annual General Meeting on June 15, 2017

Serving a 2 year term:
Robert Samery (Chair of the Board)
Edward Sullivan (Vice Chair of the Board)
Paulette MacDonald
Denise Fong
David Shackleton
Gayatri Navartnam

Serving a 1 year term:
James Brown
Geoff Stone
Andrew Tramontin
Mark Austerberry
Paul Sandor
Kevin Arriola

President: James Brown
Secretary: Kevin Arriola
Treasurer: Andrew Tramontin
CEO of CAFE and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families: Justin Trottier
Director of Operations and Development: Libby Telford
Ottawa Executive Director: Patrick Wright

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CAFE’s national headquarters is in Toronto. CAFE is also active through branches in the following locations:

CAFE Ottawa:
Leader: David Shackleton
Contact ottawa@equalitycanada.com
Phone: 613-518-1065

Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Ottawa
Address – 292 Montreal Rd., Suite 302 Ottawa On K1L 6B7
Website: www.menandfamilies.org/Ottawa
E-mail: ottawa@menandfamilies.org
Phone: 613-518-1065 (office) or toll-free: 833-CCMFOTT (833-226-3688)
Fax –  613-699-9215

CAFE Vancouver:
Leader: Phil Johnston
Contact vancouver@equalitycanada.com

CAFE Montreal:
Leaders: Martin Gareau
Contact montreal@equalitycanada.com

CAFE Edmonton:
Leader: Khalil Merali
Contact edmonton@equalitycanada.com

CAFE Calgary:
Leader: Dan McKinnon
Contact calgary@equalitycanada.com

Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Calgary
Website: www.menandfamilies.org/calgary
Contact: calgary@menandfamilies.org
Address: 2804 16th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 4G4 (by appointment only).

CAFE Halifax:
Leader: Mal Maguire
Contact halifax@equalitycanada.com

CAFE Victoria:
Leader: EJ Spurrell
Contact victoria@equalitycanada.com

CAFE London:
Leader: Benedict von Holtzendorff
Contact: london@equalitycanada.com
Phone: 5199141751

CAFE Winnipeg:
Leader: Kurt Berger
Contact: winnipeg@equalitycanada.com


Canadian Association for Equality Committees

Marketing, Communications and Outreach Committee
Co-Chair: Phil Johnston
Associates: James Russell, Adam McPhee, Jasmela Murati

Outreach Officer: Denise Fong

Multimedia Committee
Chair: Geoff Stone
Associates: Nick Kovats, Max Von Holtzendorff, Sammy Alouba, Adam Zivo, Steve Brule

Research Committee
Co-Chairs: David Shackleton and Paul Sandor
Associates: Egi Troka, Malcolm Johnston, Silvia Medrano, Walid Raine, Kiran Thomas, Max Von Holtzendorff, Haris Chaudry, Veronica Kay

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee
Chair: Robert Samery
Associates: Kevin Spykerman, Edward Sullivan, Rehan Khalil, Grant Dingwall

Technical Committee
Chair: Mark Austerberry
Associates: Iain Dwyer, Jaimy Warner, Nick Kovats

Programming and Events Committee
Chair: Malcolm Johnston

Web Development
Chair: Darhana Wijegunarathna

Volunteers and Committee Meeting Schedule

Volunteers and Committees meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM ET

Please contact us for meeting locations as they vary.


Biographies of Key Leaders


MichaelCavanaugh  Michael Cavanaugh Michael Cavanaugh is a community arts organizer in Toronto, Ontario. He has a degree from the University of Manitoba and has extensive professional experience in marketing, design and communications. Michael is the father of two daughters and is interested in establishing equality in Canadian family courts.


EgiTrokaEgi Troka



AdamAdam McPhee is a a Ryerson University graduate from the school of Social Work.  Since graduating, his work has focused primarily with people living with HIV/AIDS, addictions, homelessness, and within the large LGBT community of Toronto.  His interests lie in gender and social issues.  He has recently begun blogging at http://eyeofwoden.wordpress.com/



iaindwyerIain Dwyer




Edward Sullivan is a McMaster University Software Engineering and Management student with additional interests in languages and sociology. Since he can remember he’s taken an interest in social issues, with a focus on gender equity. For the last several years he’s been active in debate and advocacy regarding men’s issues, and today his primary projects are his work with CAFE and his own site dedicated towards raising consciousness of these issues.


Cropped me-engagementDenise Fong directs outreach initiatives at CAFE and conducts communications programs and media relations. She leads the University of Toronto Men’s Issues Awareness Society. Denise is a graduate of the University of Toronto in Political Science. Her interests lie in men’s health and well-being issues, including fatherhood, gender studies, mental health and suicide prevention. She intends to continue building an intersexual dialogue through CAFE, by raising awareness through outreach and establishing organizational relationships.



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