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CAFE Adopts New Bilingualism Policy

Canadian Association for Equality

Bilingualism Policy

Board of Directors Approval Date: May 11, 2017

Given CAFE’s focus on advancing education by providing evidence-based research and balanced information, and conducting inclusive conversations, it is acknowledged that access to CAFE’s information and services should be available to speakers of both of Canada’s two official languages (English and French). CAFE is committed to making available its key educational materials in both languages and with providing services in an official language wherever there is a substantial population speaking this language. We will implement this policy as far as we can given our financial and human resources.

CAFE Official Participant in BMO’s RUN4HOPE

Phil Johnston, CAFE Vancouver branch director, was joined by his friend Jeridan Kowal to take part in the RUN4HOPE charity run hosted by BMO this past Sunday, May 7th. CAFE was an official participating organization.

A special message from Phil Johnston, CAFE Vancouver Branch Director:

Since 2014 I’ve been proudly volunteering for CAFE Vancouver as it’s Branch Director to give voice to men’s issues in hopes that the message “equality includes everyone” is heard and understood. That’s why I knew participating in the RUN4HOPE was a perfect fit. Though, some people wouldn’t agree with me.

This Sunday, May 7th at 7am, Jeridan Kowal and myself will be running a half-marathon on behalf of CAFE and proudly flying it’s colours to raise awareness of men’s issues, and particularly men’s mental health (more on that in a moment). I have a favour to ask, but first a couple points:

Firstly I want to thank Jeridan for supporting me and dedicating himself to our running program that has resulted in me shedding over 25+ pounds! Having him in my corner made all the difference when rain, taut muscles, or just a plain bad mood tempted me to cancel a training session.

Secondly I want to dedicate my run to my brother Russell, who was diagnosed with severe depression in his early teens. He was not alone in our family in being kept company by this “black dog” (my sister, mother, and myself also have wrestled with it) but, by far, he was the most impacted. Russell is intelligent and kind, but has chosen to withdraw from the world for over 20 years as a means of coping. I run in hopes that he, and others like him, will find his voice and re-emerge into the world on his terms, with no apologies.

I believe better resources are needed to address men’s mental health issues – and that’s why all donations to our RUN4HOPE fundraiser will go directly to funding a Vancouver Centre For Men & Families to be opened in 2018.

Please support team CAFE in the RUN4HOPE marathon and let’s make a difference together.

Donation link: https://www.crowdrise.com/canadian-association-for-equality/fundraiser/philipjohnston3

Bubbles of Love in London, Ontario

April 25th is Parental Alienation Awareness Day, which is commemorated through an annual Bubbles of Love event.

Click on the image below for our Bubbles of Love Day Video, from CAFE London, Ontario.

CAFE Montreal Event for Indigenous Men

On April 23rd 2017 at 13:00 the Montreal branch of The Canadian Association for Equality (C.A.F.E.) continued The Necktie Campaign at place Émilie-Gamelin in Montreal. To learn more about the Campaign, click here.

C.A.F.E Montreal gathered in support of Lydia Daniels’ efforts to open our government’s exclusive $54 000 000 Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women to include her son and other indigenous boys and men. Males are 71% of the murdered Indigenous population while the number of missing Indigenous men isn’t even known because the RCMP has declined to collect this data.

We asked “Do indigenous men and boys matter? Why does our government espousing gender equality exclude the males from the inquiry? Is this gender based violence? Is this equality?”

Several Indigenous men gathered around us and gave us words of praise and encouragement. I asked if they wanted to be interviewed on camera. Their eyes started to tear up and I could recognize the look of helplessness. (I’ve seen it on so many fathers facing the family court and the loss of their children.) The three men sited a lack of faith that anyone, especially the government, cares about them.

Click here to read the Global TV report

by Daniel Bonin, Canadian Association for Equality – Montreal branch

University of Calgary “Men’s Rights” Film Screening Will Feature Dialogue Between Feminists and MRAs


University of Calgary “Men’s Rights” Film Screening Will Feature Dialogue Between Feminists and MRAs

CALGARY, AB — (March 7, 2017) – The Canadian Association for Equality, a national educational charity working to integrate boys and men into the cause of gender equality, will turn its upcoming screening of The Red Pill at the University of Calgary on Wednesday March 8th, into an opportunity to find common ground between feminists and men’s rights activists.

CAFE will moderate between MRAs and feminist thinkers from the University of Calgary, who will be invited to a post-film dialogue aimed at exploring our common humanist values.

“When it comes to gender, strong feelings can sometimes get in the way of the kind of dialogue which could lead to real progress on behalf of both men and women,” said Justin Trottier, CAFE Executive Director.

“We see that in unnecessarily vitriolic comments or online harassment targeting feminists. We also see it when radical feminists pull fire alarms and harass members of the public at events focused on men’s issues like fatherlessness and the sexual abuse of boys. Neither of these actions is acceptable or helpful to the cause of mutual understanding.”

CAFE values equality, tolerance, respect, dignity and diversity.

“We may take on topics some find controversial, but we do so because these topics are critical to our culture, even if their sensitive nature means they are often ignored or marginalized,” said Trottier. “We should be willing to criticize any gender ideology, whether feminism or men’s rights, but we must be careful that we never vilify each other.”

The Red Pill documentary follows independent filmmaker Cassie Jaye, a feminist sceptical of the legitimacy of men’s issues, in her journey of enlightenment as she is awoken to discrimination faced by men and boys. The film won ‘best of festival’ at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

For further information, contact

Justin Trottier
Executive Director,
Canadian Association for Equality
(416) 402-8856