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Dan’s Walk Update #2: Men-Tell Health Because Silence is Deadly

Day 2 (May 5, 2015)

Dan Perrins continues his walk to Toronto, waking up by Lake Ontario just outside Hamilton and making it into Oakville by end of day. He met with police and firefighters in Oakville. For the full interview listen here.

Watch J.J.Kennedy’s interview with Dan

Interview with Dan

My day started at 6:00am. Me and Jeb got up, repacked, and walked from near Stoney Creek and over to Burlington. We overshot City hall a little which meant we had to double back, but I got to hang more stickers, so that was cool. City Hall was a little testing to say the least, but I’ll talk about that later, after I’m done with the walk. I also got to speak to some Firefighters—and man—they totally get it; they’re the ones who are often responding to the calls. They see what happens when someone commits suicide. Not only that but they regularly see all kinds of carnage that the average person is just not used to seeing or even geared towards seeing. That has a serious impact on a person, so you know, they really understand. I also met a gentleman who lost three friends to suicide, and he told me how one had called another friend of his and his exiting message was “I can’t take the wife any more. I can’t take my job.” Then he drove his car into a teed-off street. And that was that.

As for me, the physical stresses are starting to ramp up a bit. It’s tough, but I just crank the music as loud as I can and I just hit pole after pole after pole after pole (with stickers.) If I see someone coming along I just hand them a sticker. 99% of them are like “You go!” Most people are supportive. I met one gentleman who said he didn’t ‘support suicide,’ but I was like, ‘well, I know it happens.’ He was the one guy who just really didn’t want to know.

Anyway, I want to give a shout out to the guys at Easterbrooks; they were very hospitable and welcoming earlier. Hutches were great last night too. But right now guys, I’m pooched, I need to find an electrical source where I can broadcast from tomorrow and find a place to settle down for the night.


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