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Let’s Meet Dan Mason!


  • Start Date:2017-09-24
  • End Date:2017-09-24
  • Start Time:13:30
  • End Time:16:00
  • Location:Edmonton


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Dan Mason will give a presentation on the following topics:

1. Civil Child abduction (Affects both Men and Women)

a. What it is

b. How to access help

2. Critique of Duluth Model of Domestic Abuse

a. blatant errors

b. Natural and missing factors

c. The nature of domestic violence

d. What men need to do to counter preconceived ideas & control mechanisms

e. Staying safe

About Dan R. Mason

In 1981, the Alberta Government and Social Services (Policy and Planning Branch) employed Dan as a researcher on child compulsory care, the related family and counselor interrelations, statistics, and results. This employment motivated Dan to advocate for family rights. From Dan’s employment in social services, he realized the government was not a good parent; the children in the system usually stayed in the system after they became an adult.

In 1984 (after leaving various government agencies) Dan began his accounting practice as a designated Public Accountant. As an accountant on the front lines to the public, he realized the government and courts’ negative impact on families, individuals, and Alberta businesses, due to family breakdowns.

In 1988, the Foundation for Justice and Ethics elected Dan as President and trustee (along with a lawyer as Secretary) to the Foundation For Justice & Ethics. This professional organization mainly dealt with lawyer and legal issues, and the trustees functioned through administrative processes. Eventually, the foundation was renamed to The Foundation For Justice & Social Ethics, in order to accommodate both social and legal issues. The foundation grew to include family law, divorce, child rights, maintenance, unwed custody etc. Dan currently works with the foundation, on issues including immigration, international protocols, human rights, and professional ethics.

In 1989, Dan became involved with MERGE (Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality) as a director. Dan remained a director until 2015. During this time, he was directly involved with successful initiatives concerning Human Rights Commissions complaints against local police, the Family Centre, the City of Edmonton, and Alberta Mental Health.

In 1991, Dan found himself embroiled in a case of Civil Child Abduction; his daughter was abducted to the US without his knowledge or approval during a divorce. At this time, Dan became involved with The Hague convention on child abduction. During this process, he connected with the Secretary General of The Hague International Law body. With the help of the Secretary General, Dan filed successful legal actions in Canada and in the US, and gained his daughter’s freedom. Currently, Dan functions a consultant to The Hague and US Immigration Services on Child abduction. Because of Dan’s actions, Canada enacted new laws that compelled border services and airlines; they now require letters of both parents’ approval before travel. Dan published an explanatory brief on The Hague convention on child abduction.

In 1998, Dan became a Divorce and Custody speaker and consultant to the Canadian Commons and Senate committee. He presented The Hague Convention deficiencies in operation of law in Canada, as well as the concept of Joint Parenting (with references to an authority on the subject by a prominent US lawyer’s presentation to the US Senate). Unfortunately, The federal department of Justice chose the wording, but unfortunately did not assume a shared parenting assumption (the 50/50 basis) that almost all of the consultants agreed was appropriate.

In 2006 Dan and two lawyers filed a Human Rights application on the biases of the Crown Prosecutors and Alberta Government Department of Justice Handbook on Domestic Violence. Consequently, the biased terminology was changed. However, the handbook still implies that men are the dominate aggressor.

In 2010, Dan and a lawyer filed a successful complaint against the City of Edmonton Police Services, on the treatment of alleged perpetrators of sexual assault. The complainants demanded they remove the biases, automatic presumptions, and terminology of guilt until a complete and proper investigation was complete. The revised guideline resulted in a positive effort to mitigate false allegations, which improperly tag innocent people due to the stigma.

In 2014, Dan joined the Gender Education Issues Foundation, which is a registered charity in Alberta that deals with the publishing of academic gender statistics and studies.


Public Accountant

World Certified Master Professional