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How to Drive Positive Social Change

Would you like to learn… How to Drive Positive Social Change 

This is a free public event. Light food and beverages will be provided.

Those of us working for progressive policy reform to integrate the issues of boys and men into our efforts around gender equality face an uphill battle. 

The task of social advocacy will always be a challenge. Success is more likely if we each come from a place of personal maturity and wisdom. Unfortunately many social activists, including those fighting of behalf of boys and men, do not take the necessary steps to first take care of themselves.

In this insightful presentation, David Shackleton will present a four stage model of personal growth, culminating with wisdom. He will outline the process by which we move through the stages, and describe the characteristics of each stage. David will explain why reaching a stage of maturity and wisdom is critically important if our social movement is to be successful.

David is a thinker and writer on gender and personal growth, and president of the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association for Equality. CAFE is a registered educational charity that focuses on issues affecting boys, men, fathers and their families. He is the author of “The Hand That Rocks the World; An Inquiry Into Truth, Power and Gender,” and before that was editor and publisher for 12 years of Canada’s magazine off men’s issues, “Everyman; A Men’s Journal.”