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Canadian Association for Equality Edmonton Branch

The Edmonton branch of Canadian Association for Equality is a federally recognized charity that advocates for gender equality. We take a special interest in the marginalized gender issues of Men and Boys.

Whether its a son, a father, a husband, a nephew, or a grandson, or the women who love them,  it’s everybody’s issues!

Some of these issues include:

  • skyrocketing suicide rate for men
  • higher dropout rates for men and boys at both high school and college levels
  • feminist opposition to male birth control that dates from 1970s
  • that men get 2-3 times the jail time as women for the same crime
  • that men are more often convicted than women
  • that men are actually almost 50 percent of domestic abuse victims
  • egregious biases against men in custody battles and divorce courts
  • many demonstrably false rape convictions against men
  • men have had their bodily autonomy violated by both conscription and circumcision
  • paternity fraud
  • inadequate resources and public spending for men’s mental and general health services.

Please come to our events and support our branch.

We welcome a lively, grassroots discussion about gender issues from a variety of perspective. We welcome respectful and politically incorrect debate.

Please email our Edmonton director at kmerali@equalitycanada.com for more information on how you can participate in the discussion, volunteer for our events, get a CAFE membership, or perhaps contribute a donation!