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Key Campaigns and Initiatives (explore the following link to learn more about our projects)

Help Build Toronto’s First Shelter for Male Victims of Domestic Violence
When Glen’s wife stabbed him with a knife and threatened to kill him Glen called for help, but nobody believed him and Glen was left homeless. Will you be a part of an historic campaign to open Toronto’s first family shelter for male victims and their children? We have a sponsor who will double every donation we receive but only until December 31st, 2017! Don’t miss this opportunity.
Click here to learn more

Healthy Fathers = Health Families. Introducing Our Annual Celebration
Both scholarly research and the lived experiences of our clients agree. Healthy and involved fathers make for healthy and strong children and families. A new annual series of events will unite Men’s Health Awareness Week and Fathers Day!
Click here to learn more

Odyssey for Equality Arrives in Ontario and Quebec:
“This is a difficult time to be a boy growing up.” – Dr. James Brown, CAFE President.
Dr. Brown is the author of Rescuing Our Underachieving Boys, and several other publications dealing with how parents, the education system and society in general can help to deal with the crisis faced by men and boys in the current climate in society.
Let’s do a better job at educating our boys. Click here to learn more

CAFE Joins the Necktie Campaign:
Help us in urging the federal government to include men and boys in the upcoming inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.
Special Update: Mi’kmaw Native Centre and Public Service Alliance of Canada Joins the Necktie Campaign
Click here to read more and find out how you can help

Parental Alienation and Fatherlessness:
Our advisor Brian Ludmer, a prominent family law lawyer, has prepared a variety of resources and designed a blog on parental alienation. Brian was one of the drafters of Canada’s proposed equal shared parenting amendment, Bill C-560.
Click here for more information.

In the CAFE Blogs...

CAFE Take Two

Subscribe to our new video series, CAFE Take Two, available on YouTube CAFE Take Two is a new video series from the Canadian Association for Equality, an education and social service charity. The “Take Two” refers to a second take on issues of gender, where we focus on men’s as well as women’s issues. We’ll

Webinar: When Men Seek Help

The Canadian Association for Equality has launched an online lecture series aimed at exploring gender and men’s issues. This series will present a great opportunity for us to interact with international leading thinkers and researchers. Dr. Emily Douglas: What Happens When Male Targets of Domestic Violence Seek Help? June 4, 2020 at 8:00 PM EDT

Report Released: Correlations Between IPV and Homelessness

An Analysis of the Correlations Between Intimate Partner Violence and Homelessness in a Canadian Urban Centre This research was funded by a Government of Canada research grant from Homelessness Partnering Strategy within Employment and Social Development Canada. Read the Full Report: An Analysis of the Correlations Between Intimate Partner Violence and Homelessness in a Canadian

Premiere Screening: “Erasing Family” Film Exposes Family Court Failures

Premiere Screening: “Erasing Family” Film Exposes Family Court Failures Full information and tickets at https://erasingfamily.eventbrite.ca A loving parent being erased from the life of his or her child is one of the most significant public health crises of our time. In Canada and the US, over 25 million parents are being erased – for no good

Media Bias: A Study on Gender-Specific Approaches to Reported Violent Acts

Media Bias: A Study on Gender-Specific Approaches to Reported Violent Acts Authored by Jeiny Ruiz and Angel E. Alvarez Click here for the full Report Introduction Inspired by 1990’s Adam Jones ́article The Globe and Male, we decided to expand the initiative of analyzing media attention to the ̈physical suffering and institutionalized victimization of women

Touching Videos from our Fathers Day Picnic + A Photo Report from Healthy Families Week

2019 Healthy Fathers. Healthy Families Week A Photo and Video Report Earlier this week we reported on our Charger Foundation Golf Tournament Fundraiser. Now we’re excited to share photo highlights and touching videos from the rest of our 2019 Healthy Fathers. Healthy Families Week. Make a charitable contribution and support these unique programs. Fathers Day