A really terrific and rare editorial in the Alliston Herald called “Who’s Fighting for Men’s Rights” by divorcee turned father’s and men’s right activist Paulette MacDonald. No, I didn’t get that wrong. Not Paul – but Paulette. How refreshing to see that some women who have been through the divorce system in our country understand how biased and sexist it truly is. As she summarizes her experience:

My first trip to the lawyer after getting separated was like a trip to a first class financial buffet. Behind closed doors the plan was laid out at my fee. On the menu was child support, spousal support, pensions, extraordinary expenses, education costs and the list went on. It was all there and ripe for the picking.

A woman seeking a vendetta against her husband could financially and emotionally ruin him completely, in her opinion. Ms. MacDonald goes further, stating:

This family law system is a joke. It should have been called the Flawed Family Law System. In my opinion, this is a predatory system in which women use the divorce laws as a legalized vehicle for harassment against men.

This true equalist actually took it upon herself to get involved in men’s activism.

I have been in touch with several men’s groups in Canada and I am a proud member of Fathers 4 Justice Canada. I have read literally hundreds of e-mails from men reaching their hands out of the gutters of life to simply come up to a living standard that you and your other female activists would call hell on earth.

We see men all the time unable to stop themselves from shifting any men’s issue back to women in the belief that protecting women – even at their own expense – is a form of progress, when in fact it’s just another form of the sort of chivalry that has characterized our species since it first emerged.

I mention Male Genital Mutilation, and I’m told any focus on men seeks to legitimize Female Genital Mutilation, which is orders of magnitude worse (I suppose I am naive to think ANY unnecessary brutalization of an infant ought to be opposed with vigour). I mention violence against men, and I’m told we can’t setup shelters for abused men until ever single abused women has a place to go. I mention increasing funding to prostate cancer and in response men demand proof that prostate cancer really requires the level of funding of women’s health issues like breast cancer.

But this woman – Paulette MacDonald – takes the very opposite approach. A female men’s right advocate. From various facebook discussions I have started I know she’s not the only one. All I can say is thank you for “getting it”:

I am not here to wave the female activists’ banner, because much to their dismay I cannot in good conscience refer to myself as “the victim”.

This article – and several others in the broad domain of men’s issues – will be discussed in the new news segment on the Pendulum Effect podcast episode to be released this Friday