CAFE is excited to share this information concerning a new documentary that looks inside the Divorce Industry:

A House Divided- Inside the Divorce Industry

Donate to a new documentary that will expose the divorce industry #mensissues #childsbestinterest

“The only way you can beat the lawyers is to die with nothing.”

The above quote is nearly one hundred years old, but remains as true today as when it was written; even more so when speaking of divorce. We have heard the horror stories, perhaps even lived them. The animosity, accusations, and vindictiveness that often accompany a divorce preceding; but how much of this is real, and how much is manufactured by a legal system hungry for profit?

KosMc Films, a Canadian based production company, is now raising funds for their new film, A HOUSE DIVIDED. This feature length documentary will go inside the divorce industry, exposing it for what it is; a well oiled profit making machine. They will talk to lawyers, politicians, academics and victims, all of whom agree, the system is broken.

Its time for CHANGE, and you can help. Please visit and donate to this important new film. We cannot remain silent, there is simply too much at stake