The Canadian Association for Equality is committed to achieving equality for all Canadians, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, race, ethnicity, creed, age or disability.

In particular, we are interested in gender equality, that is on achieving equality for all men, women, girls and boys. While we support all efforts at achieving gender equality, we will work for balance and fairness within this societal project by focusing our limited resources on those areas of gender which are understudied in contemporary culture.

This has led us to a current focus on the status, health and well-being of boys and men, where attention, investment and support for educational and social programs stands at a level that is far from equal to the seriousness of the problem, while also being significantly underdeveloped compared to the resources in other important areas of social improvement.

We provide current evidence-based research and balanced information. We also provide opportunities to engage in furthering this cause by participating in discussions, events and family-friendly activities. We sincerely believe the goal of true equality and human rights is best served by conducting inclusive conversations based on facts and evidence, not by promoting ideology or special interest agendas.

Registered Charitable/Non-Profit Purposes

    1. To advance education by providing classes, workshops, seminars and lectures on gender issues; and
    2. To advance education by providing books, equipment, and educational aids to students; and
    3. To advance education by maintaining a lending library of literary and multimedia resources accessible to the public; and
    4. To advance education by conducting research in gender studies and making the results publicly available.
    5. To promote health by providing the public with mental health and social services, including counselling, information and group support programs.
    6. To address and prevent problems faced by families and youth by establishing, operating and maintaining residential facilities and accommodations for individuals and families affected by family violence.

The Canadian Association for Equality mandate for its Men’s Issues Awareness (MIA) Campaign:

Our focus will be to engage in consciousness-raising, public education and efforts to change public policy. We will engage in critiques of contemporary society as necessary, but our focus shall be on positive activism to advance a healthier society.

Major Areas of Concern
The following are an open list of areas of focus, in no particular order of importance:

    • The “Boys Crises” (education, bullying, suicide)
    • Workplace issues (eg. workplace safety)
    • Men’s health
    • Family law and fathers rights
    • Men and violence (domestic violence, warfare)
    • Crime and punishment/Legal biases against men
    • The media’s portrayal of boys, men and fathers
    • The stereotyping of boys, men and fathers within academic, social and cultural environments.

The MIA Campaign will:

    1. Advance education by providing workshops, seminars, conferences, debates and lectures on topics relating to equality, diversity and human rights issues, especially on gender equality.
    2. Actively build a movement by:
        1. Providing a platform for the collaboration of existing organizations interested in the topics of equality, diversity and human rights issues.
        2. Launching new organizations around the world – especially on campuses – and utilizing online tools as appropriate
    3. Undertake consciousness raising outreach activities (eg. podcasts, blogs, ribbon and slogan campaigns, tabling at community events, etc)
    4. Utilize new multimedia like podcasts, videos, blogs and social networking to engage the public in dialogue on equality, diversity and human rights issues, especially on gender equality.
    5. Actively engage in public policy debates through media releases and lobbying efforts, and by making availabile of a series of experts in relevant subject matter, lobbying efforts.
    6. Provide support to individuals whose equality rights have been denied.