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The following constitutes the Canadian Association for Equality leadership team
Board of Directors

The following individuals constitute CAFE’s Board of Directors
(for information on the election process, scroll to the bottom of this page)

Board of Directors

Term expires 2022 AGM:
Mark Austerberry
James Brown
Sean McMurtry
Tanis Moore
Paul Sandor
Liam Wilson

Term expires 2021 AGM:
Michael Healey
Jill Hendry
Edward Sullivan
Lynda Yardley
John Robson

Chair: Edward Sullivan chair@equalitycanada.com
President and Vice Chair: James Brown president@equalitycanada.com; vchair@equalitycanada.com
Secretary: Jill Hendry secretary@equalitycanada.com
Treasurer: Lynda Yardley treasurer@equalitycanada.com
National Executive Director: Justin Trottier NED@equalitycanada.com
Director of Advancement: Glenn Hendricks advancement@menandfamilies.org
Toronto Client and Program Manager: Dwayne Walker
Ottawa Executive Director: David Shackleton
Calgary Executive Director: Beth Barberree

CAFE Ottawa Regional Governance Board
Chair (Vacant) ottawa.chair@equalitycanada.com
Eric Verwijs, Secretary
Jay Kassirer
Olivia Giuliani
Jean-Jacques Desgranges
Keith Savage
Simon Gardner

CCMF Alberta Regional Governance Board
Sean McMurtry, Chair Alberta.Chair@CCMFAlberta.ca
Joachim Mueller
Neil Scully
Vanessa Farkas-Brahmakshatriya
Tanis Mooore
Christine Giancarlo

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CAFE’s national headquarters is in Toronto. CAFE is also active through branches in the following locations:

CAFE Ottawa:
Leader: David Shackleton
Contact dshackleton@equalitycanada.com
Phone: 613-518-1065

Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Ottawa
Address – 292 Montreal Rd., Suite 302 Ottawa On K1L 6B7
Website: www.menandfamilies.org/Ottawa
E-mail: ottawa@menandfamilies.org
Phone: 613-518-1065 (office) or toll-free: 833-CCMFOTT (833-226-3688)
Fax –  613-699-9215
Ottawa Executive Director: Ottawa.ED@menandfamilies.org
The Ottawa Executive Director is David Shackleton

CAFE/CCMF Vancouver:
Vancouver Branch Director: Vancouver.Director@menandfamilies.org
The Vancouver Branch Directors are Roger Challis and Paul Dowell
Contact vancouver@menandfamilies.org

CAFE Montreal:
Montreal Branch Director: Montreal.Director@equalitycanada.com
The Montreal Branch Director is : Daniel Bonin
General Inquiries for CAFE Montreal: montreal@equalitycanada.com

CAFE/CCMF Edmonton:
Edmonton Branch Director: Edmonton.Director@menandfamilies.org
The Edmonton Branch Director is Sean McMurtry
General Inquiries for CAFE/CCMF Edmonton: edmonton@menandfamilies.org

Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Calgary
Website: https://CCMFAlberta.ca
Contact: calgary@CCMFAlberta.ca
Address: 2804 16th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 4G4 (by appointment only).
Calgary Executive Director executive.director@ccmfalberta.ca
The Calgary Executive Director is Beth Barberree bbarberree@CCMFAlberta.ca

CAFE Halifax:
Leader: Mal Maguire
Contact halifax@equalitycanada.com

CAFE Victoria:
Victoria Branch Director: Victoria.Director@equalitycanada.com
The Victoria Branch Director is Martin Nugter
General Inquiries for CAFE Victoria: victoria@equalitycanada.com

CAFE/CCMF Ontario West (London):
Ontario West Branch Director: OntarioWest.Director@menandfamilies.org
The Ontario West Branch Director is Patrick Yao
General Inquiries for CAFE/CCMF Ontario West: ontariowest@menandfamilies.org
Phone: 226-236-5185

CAFE Winnipeg:
Leader: Kurt Berger
Contact: winnipeg@equalitycanada.com

CAFE Ontario SW (Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Hamilton):
Leader: Nicole Walker
Contact: ontariosw@equalitycanada.com

Toronto Branch Director: Toronto.Director@menandfamilies.org
General Inquiries for CAFE/CCMF Toronto: toronto@equalitycanada.com

CCMF York Region
CCMF York Branch Director: York.Director@menandfamilies.org
The York Branch Director is Bijan Rafii
General Inquiries Contact: york@menandfamilies.org


Canadian Association for Equality Committees

Marketing, Communications and Outreach Committee
Co-Chair: Phil Johnston
Associates: James Russell, Adam McPhee

Outreach Officer: Denise Fong

Multimedia Committee
Chair: Geoff Stone
Associates: Nick Kovats, Max Von Holtzendorff, Sammy Alouba, Adam Zivo, Steve Brule

Research Committee
Chair: Paul Sandor
Associates: Malcolm Johnston, Silvia Medrano, Walid Raine, Kiran Thomas, Max Von Holtzendorff, Haris Chaudry, Veronica Kay

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee
Associates: Kevin Spykerman, Edward Sullivan, Rehan Khalil, Grant Dingwall

Technical Committee
Chair: Mark Austerberry
Associates: Iain Dwyer, Jaimy Warner, Nick Kovats

Programming and Events Committee
Chair: Malcolm Johnston

Web Development
Chair: Darhana Wijegunarathna

Volunteers and Committee Meeting Schedule

Volunteers and Committees meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM ET

Please contact us for meeting locations as they vary.


Board of Directors Election Process

CAFE has adopted a staggered 2 year term for our 12 member Board of Directors. This means 6 Board positions are be up for election at each Annual General Meeting. When the nomination period is announced, CAFE members are eligible to stand for nomination. A member must contact us at nominations@equalitycanada.com no later than 30 days before the AGM. The CAFE Bylaws provide the form by which nominations will be accepted. In particular, the Board requires nominations to be accompanied by the supporting signature of at least 5 members of CAFE and acceptance of the nomination through a signature of the nominee. For detailed instructions on the Nomination process, please read the CAFE bylaws carefully, in particular article 27.0