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Paul Nathanson talks in Ottawa – “Diary of a Martian”

Paul Nathanson, co-author of a series of books about misandry in our society talks about how he became interested in men and how we can build a more equitable society.

Recently on our podcast Tea with CAFE

Labels, Buzzwords, Prejudice, & First Impressions – Sunday Tea with CAFE

The Case of the Vanishing Testosterone – Sunday Tea with CAFE


And an interview with Mal
Innovative new Documentary/story about Domestic Abuse – Male Victim

A google hangout with a man named Mal (& Trevor) who wants to share his story and what he learned from an abusive relationship. A film project is now underway to create an educational and entertaining documentary about Mal’s encounter with an Invisible Borderline.
Expect to see the launch of an INDIEGOGO campaign next month…