Canadian Association for Equality - Ottawa

Canadian Association for Equality Branches represent the charity in a given location and the surrounding geographic area, create awareness through educational events, public speaking and outreach, multimedia engagement, advocacy, and interaction with the press. The Branch responds to inquiries from individuals in the area of the Branch, seek to liaise with like-minded organizations in the region, and engage in fundraising along with other development activities.

Phone: 613-518-1065

Contact Information

Address: 292 Montreal Rd,
Suite 302, Ottawa, ON
K1L 6B7

Phone: 613-518-1065
Toll Free: 833-226-3688

Nicholas Beaudin

Executive Director

Jean-Jacques Desgranges

Director, Ottawa Board

John Kingsley

Director, Ottawa Board

Eric Verwijs

Director, Ottawa Board

John Robson

Chair, Ottawa Board

Simon Gardner

Director, Ottawa Board

Keith Savage

Director, Ottawa Board