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By Roni, University of Guelph

The Story


“You have given up your fundamental right to be a woman socially and biologically when you undergo sex reassignment surgery; you can’t have it both ways.”

Why not?

Please go brush up on what trans means and the continuum of choices they make in conforming to one or no gender. Besides, male lactation is not entirely impossible. Even though I wonder about production level, physiological and irreversible changes, perhaps the milk itself matters less than the breastfeeding action. After all, this is a group that supported individuals that may not have enough lactation due to various situations.

…who decided the difference between motherhood and fatherhood in parenting anyways?
What are they based on? Are they valid? What are the implications? Are they necessarily superior and better off without any improvement attempts?

T. MacDonald suggested that he could be of additional help to his local leader; and if necessary, make his situation known before members are comfortable in being supported by him.

I wonder what happens if a lesbian LLLC leader considers herself the father… do they simply adopt the term mother associated with the female gender, do they both mother the child, thus missing the “unique, non-interchangeable contribution of fatherhood”, or do they each adopt a different role, similar or unlike the traditional mother and father roles? You see, as Ann said, if only LLLC were honest about how unconventional T. MacDonald’s experience is for other members to relate to him, that decline would’ve passed by “peer support” in my book.


LLLC failed to evolve and we have to respect their choice. I also agree that the Breastfeeding Transmen group resulted from this is a better outcome. What do you think? Vote on BBC News Community or comment here.