Hi friends,

We’ve certainly had an amazing year in 2013! It’s hard to believe that barely 12 months have passed since the Canadian Association for Equality was thrust into the national spotlight with our event “Boys to Men: Transforming the Boys Crisis into our Sons’ Opportunities” featuring Dr. Warren Farrell. Since then we’ve accomplished the following:

* Hosted world class events featuring a variety of distinguished speakers:
– Professor Janice Fiamengo: What’s Wrong with Women’s Studies? Academic Feminism, Censorship & Men
– Professors Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson: From Misogyny and Misandry to Intersexual Dialogue
– Professor Miles Groth: Why We Need Campus Men’s Centres
– Dr. James Brown: Failing Boys: Society’s Destructive Neglect for the Emergency in our Schools and How We Can Respond to the Calamity Facing Young Males

* Launched a successful fundraising Campaign to Establish the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, from a high profile launch event featuring Dr. Lionel Tiger to the Grand Finale Auction & Musical Event, with featured highlights including an Indiegogo Campaign and a PSA video “The Disposable Man” along the way!

* Began the process of applying for charity status which will significantly enhance our ability to grow as an organization

* Enjoyed constant media attention from a series of public statements on issues ranging from violence against young men, to family law reform, to ourletter to the RCMP watchdog in the case of Nicole Doucet, who got away with trying to have her husband murdered

* Built an amazing and highly diverse team of volunteers who made this all possible

We’d like to encourage each of you to please make sure to join or renew your membership, or make a donation to the Canadian Association for Equality, because the best has yet to come. Look for the following exciting developments in 2014:

* The Canadian Centre for Men and Families will live up to its slogan as the “place whose time has come” when it open its doors in early 2014

* CAFE’s New Years Resolution for 2014 is to host or sponsor men’s issues events at no less than 8 Universities in Canada in 2014! If you like what you saw at the University of Toronto, you’re going to love our plans for the next 12 months on campuses across the nation.

* Karen Straughan, the YouTube sensation known as GirlWritesWhat, will join us to launch our programs at Ryerson University on Friday January 24

* Plus, more public statements, research papers, videos, blog posts and the return of CAFE’s YouTube show “Tea with CAFE” 

The Canadian Association for Equality wishes to thank each and every one of our members and supporters for making 2013 a game-changer of a year when it comes to awareness on boys’ and men’s issues. With your continued support 2014 will be even better!

Thank you
Canadian Association for Equality