Media Monitoring & Update

CAFE has been receiving tremendous mainstream media attention over the last several days. Here are the highlights from this week.

The Inside Story: Man speaks out about decades of spousal abuse

This CityTV news video features the individual that CAFE connected with their producers to describe a struggle that two-million Canadians experience, “many in silence.” 
“Barbara Kay: A new Salon des Refusés”
The National Post’s Barbara Kay reports on the recent TVO panel discussion devoted to the status of free speech at universities in Canada, as CAFE advisor, Janice Fiamengo, and CFI Policy Director, Justin Trottier, “square off” on TVO’s The Agenda against York University feminist academic Alice MacLachlan and Huffington Post blogger/protester Rachel Décoste.

Kay writes, “Décoste’s position was that since Fiamengo’s talk was “drivel” and full of “untruths,” she had no right to speak. But Décoste had not heard or read the talk; and Fiamengo’s so-called “drivel” is to many people, including me, fair and reasonable comment.”

Also, a blurb appeared on the same day in the National Post’s A Section by Tristan Hopper.
Catch this national show tomorrow afternoon (Friday) available across Canada. CBC Radio features CAFE spokesperson, Adam McPhee, speaking on CAFE generally and on its new charity status.