On November 16th 2012 the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) hosted a lecture with Dr. Warren Farrell about the boy’s crisis. Although the talk itself went well, it was delayed by an hour because picketers barricaded the doors and refused to move. You can read our full response here.

In a video posted of the protest by an Ottawa filmmaker, we see a hostile young woman verbally abusing a man wanting to get in. Some comments we have seen online advocate identifying this person, while others have gone so far as to advocate violence in response to her actions. Although we strongly condemn the way that person was acting, we cannot condone any action that might subject her to harassment or physical or mental harm.

CAFE exists to promote peaceful discussion and raise awareness of under-represented gender issues. Targeting a particular person for public shaming is not a productive use of our time, nor does it reflect our values.

Whoever this person is, CAFE does not have a problem with her as an individual, only with her ideas and how she expresses them. If the police believe a crime has been committed, we leave it to them to act appropriately. Although this person was extremely offensive we do not want her to be subject to harassment, which will almost certainly happen if her personal details are posted online. A person who feels that kind of anger and vitriol to a stranger deserves pity.

Let us continue our efforts on raising awareness of important topics and discussing them with those who want to talk rather than attacking people who cannot be reasoned with.