the_agenda_logoWe are delighted to announce that the Canadian Association for Equality will be represented by Spokesperson Adam McPhee on The Agenda on TV Ontario, hosted by Steve Paiken. The topic: Men’s Issues. The date: this Monday, 8pm and 11pm.

The show will feature an all-male panel responding to this Friday’s Munk Debate, featuring 4 women debating “The End of Men: Be It Resolved, Men Are Obsolete…” The Agenda is TVO’s flagship current affairs program regularly featuring heavyweights like Janice Stein, Jonathan Kay, Jordan Peterson, as well as Premiers and Prime Ministers. This is a tremendous sign of the new credibility of our movement to bring attention to the crises facing boys, men and families, and to the growing authority of the Canadian Association for Equality.

For more on the episode, please visit in the coming days. Currently their homepage links to the following blog post by the episode’s producer Singing the Gender Blues

mcpheeAdam will explain how, if we’re successful, the Canadian Centre for Men and Families will provide urgent services and support for men in need, but will also look to the long term, by focusing on public education and outreach programs to galvanize attention in areas routinely overlooked.

We would love to be able to announce the opening of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families on television! We’re nearly able to do this, as we are now at $46,000 of our $50,000 fundraising goal. Please donate now to make sure we reach our objectives in time. Visit Canadian Centre for Men and Families Indiegogo Campaign. This would be a great response to the Munk question, highlighting the rejuvenation of a new role for men and a newly balanced dialogue on gender.

Adam is a strong voice in our movement. Read a recent article in Fast Forward Weekly:  Tackling abuse for all genders: Men stigmatized in an overburdened system