Calling All Women!

by an anonymous member and blogger

This is a direct appeal to all women to help with the cause of men’s issues.

If you are a grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, mother, wife, girlfriend or just a female friend then men’s issues have a direct impact on you.

If a man is wrongfully accused of domestic violence against his partner, he might have to call his sister to attend court, post bail and to provide him with a place to stay during the proceedings. The same man might have to borrow money from his mother to deal with the legal fees. If a man was sexually abused as a child he might encounter challenges when trying to date women. If a husband is battling depression, anxiety or stress he might appeal to his wife for comfort or guidance. If a father has been alienated from his children, subsequently his mother, sister or niece will also be alienated from the child. If a man has suffered domestic violence he might be embarrassed to tell other male friends but might reach out to a female friend.

In the alternative, equally important are the scenarios where men are the aggressor. We can easily dismiss these men as “psychos”. However, that does not resolve the matter. If men are the aggressor, why are we not looking for the root causes?

Therefore, men’s issues do not just affect men. In fact, there are wider societal consequences that stem directly from men’s mental health issues. It is for this reason that advocating, researching, discussing and treating men’s issues requires the help of women. The inclusion of women provides legitimacy to the cause but also provides an alternative and balanced view.

Men’s issues have a direct impact on the lives of women. I urge women to help organization such as the Canadian Association for Equality.

Together we can start the process of helping everyone in need of support and guidance.