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: CAFE Calgary

Successful She for He in Calgary

On June 24, 2017, CAFE Calgary’s She For He panel discussion was professionally moderated by the popular QR 77 talk radio personality Danielle Smith, and it was a BIG success!
The four women panelists were wonderful supporters of men, children & families: Monique from CAFE Calgary, Donna Gee – a local family lawyer, Karen Straughan – MRA activist and YouTube star and Mara – the executive director of the Centre for Suicide Prevention.
Once again, Cardel Homes provided us with their exquisite Cardel Theatre for the event. The audience was fully engaged and well-behaved, and the question period was intense and informative. Over 65 people attended the event and we raised some money for our local programs/services. There were six first-class volunteers who helped out,  and our very own Don Zest, CAFE Calgary’s Associate Branch Director, was a terrific host/MC.
Khalil Merali, the CAFE Edmonton Branch Director, showed up to lend his much valued support.
The following links show a few photos of She For He. Enjoy!
Last Tuesday, Don Zest the Associate Branch Director of CAFE Calgary was on Danielle’s radio show promoting the event, as was Karen Straughan last Friday.
Stay tuned as we filmed the entire event and will be posting a full video, as well as a highlights video to the CAFE channels!

Change of Venue for She for He- Calgary

Registrations and reservations for She For He are going well. Cardel Homes offered to hold the panel discussion/event in their upscale corporate theatre, so we took the opportunity. We look forward to seeing you on June 24th ( same time – 1:00-3:00) and  working with you to help men, children and families in Calgary.

Here are the new venue/location details (there is plenty of parking on site):
Cardel Theatre
180 Quarry Park Blvd S.E.
Calgary Alberta T2C 3G3

With Special Thanks to Nathan M Brown for She for He


CAFE Calgary acknowledges the amazing artwork and contribution by local artist Nathan M. Brown. We are grateful for the amazing job he did on the three event posters, which feature his caricatures of the five women panelists for She For He. For inquiries about his services as a cartoonist, please contact @wizecrackscartoonpanel

As you may already know, the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) and its social service centre, the Canadian Centre for Men and Families –Calgary is putting on a special event. The name of the event is She For He.  The panel features professional women discussing the growing “men and boys crisis” in Calgary and across the country. The panel includes: YouTube sensation Karen Straughan, local prominent child and family psychologist Jennifer Raymond, local family court lawyer Donna Gee, local suicide expert Mara Grunau, and CAFE Calgary executive committee member Monique Dietvorst.

CAFE is a nationally registered charity which advocates for equality for all Canadians, regardless of their gender.  The charity advocacy puts a special emphasis on the marginalized issues and needs of men, children and their families. Additionally, CAFE implements privately-funded social services through our Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Calgary.  We are pioneers in the field of providing these specialized services in Calgary.  Currently, we operate on a part-time basis from a donated office space. We are fundraising and accepting donations to create a full time Canadian Centre for Men and Families in Calgary.


Please note that the event is free, and we invite everyone to get their ticket on Eventbrite before June 18th!

Click here for your free ticket to She for He Calgary!

Click here to see the poster with Donna and Jennifer!

Click here to see the poster with Mara!

Click here to see the poster with Monique and Karen!


She For He in Calgary!

Announcing an exciting new event from The CAFE Calgary Centre for Men

& Families: A Moderated Panel Discussion and Q & A

SHE FOR HE: Women for Equality – Standing Up For & Speaking About

The Health and Well-Being of Men & Their Families


DATE | TIME: Saturday, June 24, 2017, 1:00-3:00

LOCATION: Calgary Central Library, John Dutton Theatre, 616 McLeod Trail SE



DESCRIPTION: Why are some women drawn to the men’s issues movement? How do we build

a cooperative movement of men and women aimed at fostering gender equality by endorsing the

legitimate issues of all people? What role or responsibility do women have for the health and

well-being of men and their families? You’ll be amazed by the stories of these women, each with

their own reason for working with our charity – The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE)

and supporting our private social services agency – The Calgary Centre for Men and Families.


—Karen Straughan is a prominent men’s rights activist (MRA) who came to public attention

largely through her YouTube channel, GirlWritesWhat.

—Monique Dietvorst is the CAFE Calgary Member Relations and Community Outreach Officer.

—Donna Gee, R.N. & J.D., Guardian Law Group, is a lawyer who specializes in Family Law,

Elder Law and Estates.

—Jennifer Raymond is a registered psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with

children, adolescents, adults and their families.

—Mara Grunau, B.Ed., MPA, is the Executive Director of the Centre for Suicide Prevention


—Danielle Smith – a Radio Talk Show Host on News Talk 770.


REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/she-for-he-tickets-34624409541



GO TO: https://equalitycanada.com/donation/, then click the box that says,

I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund

A drop down menu appears and you/they can click to earmark/designate to CAFE Calgary

Second Screening Event was Cancelled, but we are working on the next event

Our second event was cancelled, since we got a small response for tickets, so we hope people can still find a way to stream the film if you want to see it.

Click here to see Red Pill streaming options

It’s possible we may be able to co-host for future screening, and we hope to achieve another screening this year if we find the interested parties (such as schools, private organizations, etc) who would like to co-host a screening.

We are bubbling and brewing and making the plans for another event, which we hope to promote shortly.

Lastly, we try to always promote the new Calgary Center for Men and Families, and make sure men  have full knowledge of their services options in Calgary. 

We hope to expand our services over the coming year to include so much more needed services for men and families.

In the Calgary Center for Men and Familes, we have a private men’s peer circle, which occurs in a beautifully renovated psychology clinic.

For men who wish to register for our Men’s Peer Support Group at the center, please email calgary@equalitycanada.com

In addition to the programming and mental health services we provide in the center, we have a meetup group where we get together and discuss the politics and issues in a rational discussion.

Click here to find the meetup group.