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Canadian Centre for Men and Families Opens Its Doors: Canadian Centre for Men and Families Update #5

Canadian Centre for Men and Families Opens Its Doors

Although our official launch event is still several weeks away, the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, Toronto’s first “Men’s Centre,” is now open for business.

You are welcome to visit us during the hours of 1-5PM Monday through Saturday, plus evenings by appointment. We are located at 152 Carlton Street, Unit 201, in downtown Toronto.

The space has been beautifully furnished, equipped and decorated thanks to all of your wonderful contributions.

Justin, Eric and Allen at a volunteer’s meeting

Our call out for volunteers has resulted in regular daily staffing. That means we can begin to respond to clients and make significant progress on a variety of other important efforts ranging from authoring press releases to organizing our high profile campus events.

And we’ve had a busy week so far. Our Outreach Director Denise forged new connections with Movember, St. Michael’s Hospital and Rainbow Health. New volunteer Walid joined our male suicide research group. Eric, a social worker, planned an employment-based community service he intends to host starting October. Allen took charge of the Centre’s new social media accounts. Chandler worked on plans to launch a men’s health discussion group for the Ryerson community. And Eleanor helped to craft policies to manage and operate the Centre.

In our first day we received a number of congratulations, welcome messages and offers for partnership. One in particular stands out. A woman called to get our help recruiting more men to her Toronto Trauma Survivor Support Group, wanting to make sure both men and women receive the help they need.

The Centre is already starting to make a difference.

We are now on the look out for volunteers interested in running a variety of programs at the CCMF, particularly discussion-oriented groups, book clubs and film screening series. If you’re interested please get in touch with us.

Thank you everyone for your support and commitment.

The Canadian Association for Equality

Clean Up, Set Up, Build Up: Canadian Centre for Men and Families Update #4

Eleanor and Michael get to work cataloguing and sorting our new library and working through a ton of admin tasks













Jack, Roni and Denise cleaning the floors, walls and everyone’s favourite job… the washroom















Charles and Rhonda building the desks and setting up the kitchen









Denise, Haris and Jack begin to assemble furniture in the office














Mark and Justin take care of the techy stuff. Electricity active? Check. A/C functioning? Check. Wireless Internet? This one took a little longer, but Justin demonstrates we are now online!



Moving Day(s): Canadian Centre for Men and Families Update #3

After we put out the call for contributions, the response was overwhelming. Over a series of “moving days,” occurring during the first 10 days after we signed our lease, we accumulated a high number of items for our new home, everything from couches and coffee tables to desks and office chairs, plus a microwave, file cabinets, tools, televisions, computers, monitors, toasters, grills and the all important coffee machine. Books were donated to allow us to begin building a small library focused on men’s issues, gender studies and associated fields. Art has begun to arrive and we have started on beautifying our space. Milutin even donated use of his truck to facilitate the acquisition and transport of our items. It is incredibly heartening to note that every item in our space is a contribution from someone with a passion and dedication to our shared cause.

Here’s a little montage we put together of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families Moving In


Milutin and Paul work to load Paul’s contribution of an office desk and a couch into the truck. Paul’s dog offers her emotional support.












Rhonda and Charles arrive with a couch perfect for our office, plus everything we need for the kitchen including grills, toasters, a microwave, a coffee machine (and a place to set down your mug: a beautiful new coffee table). Also a fan which will help with rest of our moving days.





















Nick and Jaimy come through with a shelving unit, computer monitor and the item that completes every modern office: the dart board (it may also be useful for settling tie votes on our Board)












Justin, Denise and Geoff moving in Josh’s tool box, Patrick’s office chairs, Katie’s computers, Tom’s filing cabinets, and Eleanor’s beautiful art work. 20140801_132815

20140722_202039 20140731_124851 20140731_122632

We Need Your Help: Canadian Centre for Men and Families Update #2

CAFE Moves Into Our First Home… And We Need All Your help!

The Canadian Association for Equality has some very exciting news to share.

firstThanks to all your support and a good deal of hard work and patience, yesterday we gained access to our home, the forthcoming Canadian Centre for Men and Families!

As this will become the first dedicated “Men’s Centre” in Toronto, this is an important milestone for our shared cause to develop educational programs and social services that respond to the serious needs of boys, men and families.

We’ve already built a network of support from social service agencies and professionals in the clinical and educational communities. We now turn out attention to design and build our space with a plan for a public launch program featuring a weekend of celebration, programs and open house within the next two months.

We’re now located at 152 Carlton Street, Unit 201 (at the intersection with Homewood Ave, between Jarvis St. and Sherbourne St.)
We’ve included here a few photos from the as yet unfurnished space to give you an idea of the facility. We would like to ask each of you to support our efforts to build the Canadian Centre for Men and Families in the following ways:
1. Donate items to help us build a fully functional space. 

The following is a comprehensive list of contributions that are urgently needed. Please contact us to arrange to deliver items or to have us pick items up from you. Each such contribution makes a big difference toward our operational success.
Tool box
Art work
Book shelves and other shelving
Couches and other furniture items
Utensils, cups, plates and other kitchen supplies
Cleaning appliances
Men’s issues literature
Coffee machine
Trash bins

2. Financial contributions to support our operations.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is a volunteer-run private donation funded institute. Visit https://equalitycanada.com/support-us/ and make a one time donation or register for a small monthly contribution to our cause
3. Register to volunteer at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. 
If you live in or near Toronto please commit some time over the next 2 weeks to visit our home and help with various tasks critical to setting up the space. We will also be setting up regular, largely weekly, volunteer shifts. If you would like to contribute in this way, please send your availability and areas of interest.
Thank you to everyone for helping us to get this far and for your continued support at this important time.
– Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Equality

Access Granted: Canadian Centre for Men and Families Update #1

The Canadian Association for Equality will be providing a series of ongoing updates as we document the process of establishing the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, Toronto’s first “Men’s Centre”

July 23, 2014

tigerAccess granted. On July 22 we gained keys to our new home. This is a milestone that serves as a turning point in our campaign to establish Toronto’s first “Men’s Centre.”

Let’s put this into perspective. On June 12, 2013 Professor Lionel Tiger was the keynote speaker at our campaign kick-off event to raise $50,000 for the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. That launched Phase 1. We spent the rest of 2013 building a vision that could unite our community and then fundraising so we could afford to bring that vision to life. As 2013 came to a close so did Phase 1 as we had succeeded in raising the needed funds.

Phase 2 consisted of our consultations with community leaders and representatives from a broad array of organizations whose mandates connected with ours. The result was the release of our “Canadian Centre for Men and Families Action Plan” which provided a general roadmap to assist in the search, setup and operations of our Centre. This led on directly to Phase 3, “The Search.” We scoured the city for suitable premises, considering a variety of neighborhoods and internal layouts, until we settled on what we truly believe will serve as an ideal space for the first dedicated “Men’s Centre” in Toronto  and an institution with few precedents across Canada.

Some hard work lies ahead as we put out calls now for the donation of furniture and equipment, and as we begin to organize a team of volunteers to manage and administer this space. But this is also a period of excitement without equal. The best has yet to come.

CAFE volunteers on the road in search of our new home: May – June 2014

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