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Banner Environmental Makes Charitable Donation to Address Gaps in Men’s Health in Calgary


Banner Environmental Makes Charitable Donation to Address Gaps in Men’s Health in Calgary

CALGARY, ALBERTA — (May 14, 2018) The Canadian Association for Equality is excited to announce a donation from Banner Environmental toward its new Calgary counselling, peer support and father involvement programs which are improving the lives of many men and their families.

Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd. is a team of engineers and scientists focusing on projects which support potable water, wastewater and stormwater treatment. The firm believes wholeheartedly in equality for all genders, races, and sexual orientations, and promoting the greater good of all.

Every year, Banner hosts a year-end Christmas party for the staff and incorporates a fundraising event to support a selected charity or organization.

“We were first introduced to Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) by Dr. Dan McKinnon early 2017 and were especially interested in CAFE’s efforts to support the equality movement and development of the Calgary Centre for Men and Families,” said Stacy Senga, Research and Regulatory Manager at Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd. “This was an easy decision for all staff to support CAFE as Banner’s 2017 recipient of our annual fundraising event.”

In total, Banner raised $8,000 which will be used to support the ongoing efforts of CAFE in Calgary, Alberta. These funds will support unique interventions for male survivors of partner abuse, fathers struggling to maintain a relationship with their children post-divorce and men seeking to respond in a healthy way to the challenges in their lives.

For further information contact:

Stacy Senga, B.Sc Toxicology, P.Biol.
Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd.
(403) 933-4199 ext. 209

Justin Trottier
Executive Director, Canadian Association for Equality


New Study Confirms Stigmatization of Men in Canadian Society (March 29, 2018)


New Study Confirms Stigmatization of Men in Canadian Society

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (March 29, 2018) Canadian men face stigma. That was the conclusion of a groundbreaking new study into the experiences of men from all regions of Canada except Quebec.

“Assumptions that men are ineffective care-givers and potentially dangerous to women and children might lead others to believe them unfit (or less fit) in matters of family and in professions dedicated to protecting family, and that belief is what was found,” said the report’s author, Dr. Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson.

The research was approved by Athabasca University’s ethics board.

In this study, stigma was defined as a general imputation of character rendering the stigmatized unfit for particular sorts of social interactions. The research explored the experiences of 16 Canadian heterosexual, homosexual and transsexual men. Although the concept of stigma had previously been used to examine the place of various minority populations and women in society, it had not been previously applied to men.

All participants in this research experienced instances where it was assumed that they were a threat to others or irresponsible and incapable with respect to family responsibilities. As a result, they were judged as unfit in their roles as parents or as employees in specific occupations. These judgments were made without any investigation into their actual parenting or work practices.

Seven research participants shared experiences of stigma they faced as social work clients, students, and as social worker professionals. Robertson reported that since this study did not involve an investigation of the social work profession, this result was unanticipated. He recommended further research into the extent of male stigmatization in social work.

Robertson cautioned that while the study sample was diverse, it is possible that the stigma experienced does not apply to all men but to some, as yet unidentified, subset of men. He suggested that further quantitative research into the extent of this form of stigma is needed.

“This research reinforces the experiences of the hundreds of men that have reached out to us for help in family court, in accessing mental health services and in their professional lives,” said Justin Trottier, who manages the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, a men’s social service facility with operations in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. “Men face stigma, but so do men and women who perform research in this underexplored area. Dr. Robertson deserves credit for this courageous and ground-breaking work. Our charity will aim to use his findings to help us better support men and families in our community.”

The results of this study were published in the American Journal of Men’s Health. The full journal article can be found at: journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1557988318763661

For further information contact:

Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson, Ph.D.

Justin Trottier
Executive Director, Canadian Association for Equality


IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Acknowledging Sexual Harassment and Identity Harassment

The Canadian Association for Equality is very excited to share an article recently authored by our advisor Paul Nathanson in response to the #MeToo phenomenon. The article appeared in the journal New Male Studies, which we highly recommend.

IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Acknowledging Sexual Harassment and Identity Harassment

Here is the abstract:

The sexual-harassment scandals are good news for women but bad news for men–not merely for the men who actually harassed women but for all men. All men are on trial, collectively, in the court of public opinion. And that court neither requires nor allows the presumption of innocence (let alone the presentation of evidence). At issue are two things: the absence of a voice for men in the public square, specifically as men, and the inability of boys and men to create a healthy collective identity in the face of societal indifference at best and implacable hostility at worst. This essay begins by discussing significant moral and intellectual problems in the fallout from these scandals. It continues by outlining a new way of thinking about harassment, one that not only holds men accountable for the sexual harassment of women (or other men) but also makes women accountable for the identity harassment of men.

For the full article, click on the PDF link at the bottom centre of the page.

First Shelter for Male Domestic Abuse Victims Will Open in Toronto


First Shelter for Male Domestic Abuse Victims Will Open in Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (March 20, 2018) A capital campaign hosted by prominent men’s issues charity Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) has raised a quarter of a million dollars to open Toronto’s first family shelter for men and children who have experienced domestic abuse. This will make Toronto the first metropolitan city in North America with such a facility.

Thousands of Canadian men experience domestic abuse each year, only to be revictimized when they are denied access to shelters or other crisis services. Many face suspicion, shame and even the possibility of arrest should they report the incident to police.

Now Toronto will take a major step toward gender equality by opening the first family shelter for male victims of domestic abuse, accepting both single men and fathers with children.

The project received a grant from the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation, funded by the Toronto Real Estate Board, and was also supported by thousands of individual contributors.

“We hope the city and the province will come on board after having seen the public support that has rallied to this cause,” said CAFE Executive Director Justin Trottier. “From the beginning, we’ve been building partnerships with government and social service agencies, including advocates working to end violence against women, in order to jointly address major gaps in victim support services, which include services for men as well as for victims in same-sex relationships.”

CAFE has been operating a thriving men’s health and social service facility, the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, for over three years in Toronto. The charity opened a sister office in Ottawa this past fall.

Information on the Campaign is available at http://www.menandfamilies.org/family-shelter-for-abused-men-and-children/

Justin Trottier
Executive Director
Canadian Association for Equality


Karen Straughan Tours SW Ontario

#MenToo: Renowned Human Rights Blogger Karen Straughan on Men’s Issue

Human Rights Blogger and Fearless Champion for Men and Boys Karen Straughan at all 3 Toronto Universities February 28th to March 2nd, 2018! Hear about domestic violence, fatherlessnesss and masculinity in today’s culture.

Full information and registration at https://karenstraughan.eventbrite.com

MEN TOO: The Silent Half of Domestic Violence Victims
University of Toronto
Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Mechanical Engineering Bld (MC) Room 102
5 King’s College Road, Toronto, ON, M5S3G8

York University’s inaugural Men’s Issues Society event!
Thursday, March 1st, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Curtis Lecture Halls, Hall B | 125 Campus Walk

Ryerson University Venue To Be Announced
Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 7:30 PM

Karen Straughan is a renowned Canadian human rights activist, blogger and broadcaster focusing on gender and sexual politics. Her YouTube channel, girlwriteswhat, has over 180,000 subscribers, and more than 16 million video views, and her work has been presented in high school and university classrooms in the US, Canada and Ireland. A mother of three, Karen speaks out fearlessly on gender and equality with passion and clarity, refusing to back down when intimidated. As a female who has aligned herself with men’s issues awareness, Karen has been the target of hatred and campaigns of misinformation.