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Misandric commercial compares boys to “fish in a barrel”

March 10, 2008 – Today I saw one of the most despicable misandric commercials. It featured a 9 or 10 year old girl out to eat with her mother. By making eyes with a boy of similar age sitting further down the restaurant she is able to entice him to purchase for her an icecream. The commercial concludes with the girl saying “like shooting fish in a barrel.” Where do I start on this one? It takes female dependence on males from something in need of change to something to be encouraged. And it turns men – no, 9 year boys – into what I suppose many females end up identifying with men – wallets. It objectifies boys into “fish” in a barrel that can be controlled and exploited for personal gain.

Clubbing men ok?

June 25, 2008 – One of the most misandric popular television shows today is certainly The Simpsons. It’s portrayal of fathers is despicable. It’s differential treatment of the perfect Lisa versus the hopeless Bart is tiring. But here’s a side example. Ever seen the episode where baby Maggy is obsessed with Roofie, a Barnie knock off, and attends a concert of his. The babies stage a riot which the police break up by clubbing the babies. One of the officers says “I don’tfeel right clubbing women and children”. Presumably, clubbing defenseless and innocent men (it bears reminding that most men are defenseless and innocent) is acceptable? A trivial example possibly, but another little slice of media misandry.