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Dan Mason- Winner of International Men’s Issues Legal Battles

We have a significant event coming up this Sunday, September 24, 2017 in Edmonton.

Click here to see a sneak peek on YouTube

Join us at September 24th in Edmonton from 1:30-4PM at the Idyllwild Library at 8310 88 Ave NW (next to Bonnie Doon Mall)

and watch the taping of Dan Mason for Canadian Association for Equality-Edmonton

RSVP for the meetup at meetup.com

Planning a She for He in October for CAFE Edmonton

The She for He panel in Calgary was a huge success for Alberta! Khalil, the director of the Edmonton branch, was in attendance and met up with the executives at the Calgary branch. We made some valuable connections, and spent some time networking with people who have valuable insight into men’s issues, as well as people who had solutions and services!

Khalil is now planning a She for He in Edmonton. We are looking for female panelists who would be willing to comment and answer audience questions for an engaging and lively discussion. Women who may have experience in psychology and mental health, or in legal practice are always welcome to come forward and share your experiences about men and our institutions.

If you are a woman in Edmonton who wants to take the platform for Men and boys health and well-being, please email kmerali@equalitycanada.com


Get CAFE to the International Shared Parenting Conference 2017!

Help Ensure Full Canadian Participation in the International Shared Parenting Conference 2017!The International Shared Parenting Conference in Boston May 29-30 is shaping up to be a landmark event, bringing together most of the world’s leading researchers focused on improving the welfare of children in separated and divorced families.

Father involvement is a key area of CAFE’s mandate and the reason many of you joined the organization. Whether advancing policy reform to make our family justice system just, or increasing our legal and support services to alienated fathers and children, we would gain tremendously through our participation in this conference.

Here’s the good news. CAFE Board members Paulette MacDonald and Robert Samery are leading Canadian authorities on parental alienation and veterans of equal parenting policy reform. They’re lining up critical meetings with experts from around the world at the Boston Conference.

Now we need you to help get them there.

Click here to make a special one-time donation so CAFE can participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity!

A Message from Paulette MacDonald

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) and former Co-President of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council (CEPC), I can’t tell you how excited I am at the prospect of attending the International Shared Parenting Conference 2017 in Boston.

Having said that, I need your help to make this happen. Pease support my trip to this great event so that I can continue my advocacy work in pursuing family law reforms in the best interest of the children in Canada.

There is now intense interest in the apparently powerful effects of family structure on children’s outcomes. This timely conference will explore 40 years of research on how children fare in different post-divorce parenting arrangements.

Research suggests that fully half of troubled children and adolescents derive from conflicted, separated and divorced families. The conference offers the rare opportunity to interact with leading legal and mental health scholars from around the world on this important topic. The program will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, question and answer sessions, and break-out workshops.

Given the high prevalence of conflicted, separated and divorced families, this conference will be of great benefit to all varieties of child and family practitioners and scholars, including any who deal with family policy, family law, psychology, child mental and physical health, alienation, domestic violence or family dynamics.

Please help CAFE take full advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from so many distinguished scholars from Australia to Europe to North America, any of whom would qualify as a keynote speaker, all at one conference.


CAFE Official Participant in BMO’s RUN4HOPE

Phil Johnston, CAFE Vancouver branch director, was joined by his friend Jeridan Kowal to take part in the RUN4HOPE charity run hosted by BMO this past Sunday, May 7th. CAFE was an official participating organization.

A special message from Phil Johnston, CAFE Vancouver Branch Director:

Since 2014 I’ve been proudly volunteering for CAFE Vancouver as it’s Branch Director to give voice to men’s issues in hopes that the message “equality includes everyone” is heard and understood. That’s why I knew participating in the RUN4HOPE was a perfect fit. Though, some people wouldn’t agree with me.

This Sunday, May 7th at 7am, Jeridan Kowal and myself will be running a half-marathon on behalf of CAFE and proudly flying it’s colours to raise awareness of men’s issues, and particularly men’s mental health (more on that in a moment). I have a favour to ask, but first a couple points:

Firstly I want to thank Jeridan for supporting me and dedicating himself to our running program that has resulted in me shedding over 25+ pounds! Having him in my corner made all the difference when rain, taut muscles, or just a plain bad mood tempted me to cancel a training session.

Secondly I want to dedicate my run to my brother Russell, who was diagnosed with severe depression in his early teens. He was not alone in our family in being kept company by this “black dog” (my sister, mother, and myself also have wrestled with it) but, by far, he was the most impacted. Russell is intelligent and kind, but has chosen to withdraw from the world for over 20 years as a means of coping. I run in hopes that he, and others like him, will find his voice and re-emerge into the world on his terms, with no apologies.

I believe better resources are needed to address men’s mental health issues – and that’s why all donations to our RUN4HOPE fundraiser will go directly to funding a Vancouver Centre For Men & Families to be opened in 2018.

Please support team CAFE in the RUN4HOPE marathon and let’s make a difference together.

Donation link: https://www.crowdrise.com/canadian-association-for-equality/fundraiser/philipjohnston3

CAFE members walk in Peterborough Pride 2015


Peterborough Pride

Peterborough Pride

Peterborough Pride

Peterborough Pride