When Courts Lets Off A Woman Who Had Sex with 14 Year Old Boy, CBC News Checked in for CAFE’s Response.

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Justin Trottier, executive director of the Canadian Association ( CAFE), would not speculate on whether the outcome might be different if the accused were a man and the victim a girl. But he does believe the criminal justice system has an inherent bias against males in some cases.

Trottier, whose group has stirred controversy for its campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence against men, said when a woman is accused of a sexual offence against a boy, the assumption is that the boy got lucky, he wanted it, he must have been sexually aggressive or that it didn’t cause him any harm.

“These are all myths. Boys can be sexually abused, and it certainly does harm them to the same extent as it does girls who are sexually abused,” he said.

Relying on facial hair, the fact the complainant smoked or seemed familiar with sex should not be legal grounds for assuming age of consent, he said.