This is a continued excerpt of the Statement of Claim against the London jail, a class action lawsuit waiting for certification in February, 2015.


Servers: inmates who were usually large and violent
Guards ask inmates to obey larger prisoners.

k) Guards advised inmates to follow the spoken, written, and posted rules set by “servers”, inmates who were usually large and violent.


Encouraged by Guards
Guards turning a blind eye to abuse by servers and guards.

35. The current layout of the cell blocks prevents guard observation. Furthermore, guards routinely closed the doors to their stations to avoid knowing occurrences in the cell blocks.

37. f) Guards encouraged inmates to assault other inmates, particularly sex offenders; 37. e) Guards inflicted excessive physical assaults on inmates,


Discouraged to complain
Complaints against other prisoners and guards were dismissed

37. b) Guards discouraged inmates who were physically assaulted from complaining

37. g) prisoner complaints of physical assaults or intimidation by guards were inmates were dismissed.


Nothing was done.
Nothing was done after reporting.

37. d) for which there was no follow-up investigations by supervisory staff

45. Despite of knowing the sort of violence committed against prisoners by these servers, the staffs did nothing to protect prisoners.