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Complaint about the anti-male bias at CBC
Martin AdeyI am a sixty two year old Man, married for forty years and I would like to complain about the anti-male bias at CBC radio. When I listen to the news on CBC radio I expect to be informed about current events in Canada, and around the world that have relevance to my life in Canada. For a long time now I have been offended by the choice of reporting news stories which appear to depict all Women and Girls as innocent little victims of male aggression and depravation. In order to make my point I will choose three recent examples, these are not by any means the only ones. There are similarities between the three cases I will describe which are Women accusing Men of sexual improprieties. The first was late last year when two NDP Women MPs accused a couple of Liberal Male MPs of inappropriate remarks of a sexual nature. The first time I heard about this was at the beginning of the 8:00 world report, (the first story is the most important). It followed an extensive analysis the weeks before on the atrocities in the Middle East and the tragic shootings in Ottawa. Even though I know the CBC like to broadcast pity poor female (PPF) stories I found it totally inconceivable that the CBC could be so petty, even insensitive in there belief that two sexual harassment allegation was the most important issue for Canadians. I do not intend disrespect on the Women who are genuinely suffering in Canada today, but so are just as many Men suffering also! The second two cases I want to bring up involve accusations of “domestic violence” (DV), from Women, the two accused Men were Jian Ghomeshi, and Bill Crosby. It wasn’t just the initial report it was the spin off shows you chose to make from the “allegations”, you really like to milk those PPF stories! I have been interested in “domestic violence” phenomenon for decades now, and talked to male and female experts in the field, and reviewed the data from DV studies. All the experts I have talked to agreed that DV is not a gender issue; in fact Women are inclined to initiate more violence than Men, this was confirmed from my own reading. I was so incensed by your cheap tabloid reporting that I did some “domestic violence” analysis of my own, to validate my argument. I reviewed the conclusions of fifty three domestic violence studies what I found was: WOMEN ARE 37.1% MORE LIKELY TO BE PERPETRATORS IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and MEN ARE 34.8% MORE LIKELY THAN WOMEN TO BE THE VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. The preceding statement was made from the following facts.
> The studies were compiled from statements taken from many thousands of Men and Women, age not a factor.
> The information was gathered over many years from developed countries, many studies were done in Canada.
> Some were from well known researchers in the field such as Murray A. Straus.
> It includes minor and major Domestic Violence acts.
> Only two studies indicated a slightly higher incidence of Male violence against Women, and only one study indicated Women as being the victim more than Men.
There are many other studies on the internet which I am sure you are aware. I have made my point, which is, “Women need to take responsibility for their role in DV, as well as Men need to work on theirs”. In this country you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, interesting concept isn’t it. Your one sided vendetta on the two Men in question amounts to a guilty verdict in the public view. In my view CBC “show trials” like these have resulted in a country where Males accused of a crime against a Female can not get a fair trial. I personally visited someone in prison who was accused by his ex wife in June and not given a trial until September. He was locked up all that time and his ex wife publicly bragged about her “power” she had over him.

I admit I have laid it on pretty heavy, but last year I have heard probable the most balanced discussion on feminism since the sixties. The CBC show was “the current”; it had Women feminists and a young Woman who wasn’t a feminist. You allowed the non feminist plenty of time to make her logical arguments against the other Women in the old girls club, who regurgitated the same old victim stuff like they always do. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this honest discussion as trend yet.

Many Boys and Men are in crisis in this country, especially young Men, and a complaint letter is simply a whine or a rant unless it has some suggestions for change well here are mine.
1) Encourage Boys to embrace higher education, without shaming them, as you know Girls have surpassed Boys since 1989.
2) Encourage males of all ages to have self respect, not just through sports.
3) Tell Boys and young Men that there are not enough Girls and young Women to go around, which puts them at a disadvantage in the dating game.
4) Tell males that they are emotionally disadvantaged compared to females. This fact combined with item 3 makes them very venerable in heterosexual relationships, if they don’t have courage and self respect to do the right thing.
5) Remind males that they don’t have the protection of: Minister for the status of Women, National action committee on the status of Women, Elizabeth Fry society, domestic abuse shelters, rape crisis centers, crisis telephone lines etc.
6) Encourage males to see a doctor at least once per year, and tell them about gender discrimination like having to pay for prostate tests, (although I think OHIP will pay if you request it from the Doctor).
7) When you talk about gender statistics don’t just broadcast the one that make females the victims. Report areas where males are the majority of victims as well, such as (but not limited to): Homelessness, suicides, industrial accidents, overall violence and of course domestic violence.
8) Air news clips and programs of Men that have been abused by Women, once in a while.
9) Some occupations require super intelligence, which most of us don’t have. Males outnumber Females by eighty to one for an IQ over 170, so just because most of those positions are held by Men is probably natural selection not discrimination against Women. How about making a story out of that?
10) In comedy if one group is always the subject of ridicule then it is not funny. An example of this is Dave & Morley on the CBC’s Vinyl cafe, to make this funny poke fun at Morley for once.
I am not proposing you make Males helpless victims like you have done with Females, doing so make an individual addicted to pity, and unable to grow.

As the national broadcaster CBC has a responsibility to tell both sides of the story wherever possible, I think I have demonstrated that you have been deficient in that task. I am not going to suggest you are deliberately lying, however only telling half of the truth or exaggerating one side leaves the listener with a distorted conclusion. I can tell you through my life experience arguments and conflict is a good thing when expressed in a safe and respectful environment. Hearing criticism of oneself is never present, but is necessary, if CBC gives in to special interest who feel uncomfortable about an issue, then all residents in Canada suffers. Change is inevitable and constant, our present feminist bias in society will be replaced with something else, which will have new challenges, and I hope I live long enough to see it.
I have put a lot of time into trying to make my views known to you, and hopefully backed up my claims with facts. Please try to focus on your mission and if you wish to criticize or counter my claims respectfully I am prepaid to listen.