A letter to the editor submitted by CAFE member and volunteer CP McCauley in response to this article in the Globe and Mail:

re: Dentistry has a far larger ‘boys’ club’ problem

The Dal 13, as adult individuals with future means and power, do need consequences to remind and educate them about what is ok and not ok with respect to acceptable social mores.

Aside from that issue, I am write on this article because it grates, on not only from an economic but from a social justice perspective.

If we follow this writer’s logic – the dental profession is a bastion for uncaring greedy white males with ‘sans’ interest in helping those lower on the socio-economc ladder achieve better dental health outcomes. It is like saying, after Graham James, all male coaches are potential child predators or after the Dal 13, all male dentists are potential rapists.

Another view could legitimately asked to be spared the ‘boy’s club’ stereotypes, if the author wanted to forward an equality agenda maybe start without misandrist language. If she wants change, rather than a snappy headline, don’t do what she wants ‘supposedly the whole profession of dentistry’ not to do.

Health care graduates more females than males in all areas as of 2014. All students in Canada are subsidized by our government and why is it only dentistry does free work? O.D.S.P., Healthy Smiles, Children in Need of Dental Services, Municipal Dental Programs, Welfare Dentistry? My best friend is a dentist and he informs me that not one of these government programs covers ‘not even’ close to dental expenses of running a practice. My friend has done more free dentistry in almost 30 years as a dentist and yet this writer knows what she is talking about? How much has she done within her community dedicating time to a cause for free. I trust she received no recompense for her article from the Globe&Mail.

It is always so easy to stereotype a group of people. If we stereotype a race is it not called racism? Yeah, some dentists are jerks, but then again some reporters feel their column is a personal vent for their life instead of working hard and researching to report with real facts.  Fair enough, we all have our biases but maybe the Globe can put ‘opinion’ with extreme ‘subjectivity’ such as this into its own ‘identity politics’ section, so the rest of us will know where to read opinion that is more constructive.  

CP McCauley, Barrie, ON