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Crisis in Men’s Health


  • Start Date:2017-09-27
  • End Date:2017-09-27
  • Start Time:19:00
  • End Time:21:00
  • Location:Toronto


  • Organized by:U of T Men's Issues Awareness Society
  • Mobile:647-479-9611
  • Email:info@menandfamilies.org
  • Website:www.menandfamilies.org/toronto
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The Crisis in Men’s Mental Health: A townhall event featuring Dr. Benjamin Rosen

Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00PM.

Musician Chester Bennington. Comedian Robin Williams. Actor Jonathan Brandis. And it’s not just celebrities. We’re regularly confronted by the tragic suicide deaths of men, including young and university-aged men.

In fact, each year about 4000 people die by suicide in Canada alone. About 3000 are men.

Following a short report on the state of men’s mental health, we will hold a conversation around the barriers men face in accessing mental health care and how these can be addressed.

Benjamin Rosen is a psychiatrist specializing in Men’s Mental Health at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Benjamin received his MD at McMaster University, his MSc at the London School of Economics and he completed residency training at the University of Toronto. Benjamin is collaborating with another psychiatrist, Dr. Andrew Howlett to build Canada’s first academic men’s mental health program. Benjamin’s research interests relate to Fathers’ Mental Health and increasing access to psychological services for men. Benjamin is a co-founder of the Fathers’ Mental Health Network: a network of clinicians, researchers, educators and fathers that aims to generate knowledge, research and solutions that support men in their role as fathers. He also works in the Murray Koffler Urology program treating men with mental health issues related to infertility, sexual dysfunction and chronic pain.

Event hosted by U of T Men’s Issues Awareness Society.