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Fundraiser to Open Alberta’s First “Men’s Centre” Reaches Halfway Point

CALGARY, ALBERTA — (December 11, 2018) The charity Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), which operates the first “Men’s Centres” in both Toronto and Ottawa, has reached the halfway point in its fundraiser to open the Canadian Centre for Men and Families in Calgary, the first step in its Western Canada Expansion Campaign.“

Calgary needs a social service hub for boys and men in the community because every day we hear heart-wrenching stories from families that we cannot currently help,” said Justin Trottier, CAFE Executive Director. “Just imagine you live in constant fear of domestic violence, but no one believes you because of your gender? Or imagine losing your relationship with your child because of gender stereotypes that still dominate in family court.”

Although it seems to rub against the grain, in many ways boys, men and fathers are in crisis. The suicide rates of males is rising just as their university enrollment rates are falling. Men are twice as likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, and comprise over 75% of the emergency shelter population. As more couples divorce or separate, children increasingly suffer the consequences of father-absence.

The Campaign has raised over $35,000 and a Patreon crowdfunding campaign is seeking to complete the fundraiser at https://www.patreon.com/menandfamilies. The value of all Patronships will be matched six times over by a private sponsor, until the end of 2018.

With the holidays around the corner, the Canadian Association for Equality is working to make sure that all families have the support they need.

CAFE was recently awarded a federal government research grant to explore the relationship between male homelessness and domestic abuse, positioning the agency as an emerging national leader in research, education and services for men and boys.


Justin Trottier
National Executive Director,
Canadian Association for Equality

Don Zest
Canadian Association for Equality Calgary

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