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Campaign: 2014 Ontario Election: Laila Zarrabi Yan, Green Party, Brampton Springdale

October 27, 2021In Violence and Safety


Justin Trottier, Executive Director
Canadian Association for Equality

Hello Jan,


Thank you for your inquiry. I appreciate seeing such an organization that emphasizes both equality of all and evidence-based policy. I completely agree on the stances of making policies and legislation that are unbiased in terms of gender (as well as other forms of discrimination). Each case, whether on child custody, criminal charges, etc. should be based on the circumstances of the people involved, regardless of gender. As for the question of reducing student drop-outs, I do not know how precisely I would tackle the problem; however, I would like to research studies on the subject as well as speak with educators, social workers, and others in the field in order to gain insight as to which would be potentially successful measures to reduce these rates. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to ask.
With regards,
Laila Zarrabi Yan
GPO Candidate for Brampton-Springdale