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Campaign: 2014 Ontario Election: Nancy Leblanc, Liberal Party, Parkdale High-Park

October 27, 2021In Violence and Safety


Justin Trottier, Executive Director
Canadian Association for Equality

Hi Geoff,


Thank you for submitting a Policy Questionnaire to the Ontario Liberal Party. Due to a very high volume of stakeholder questionnaires received throughout the course of this election campaign, we’re unable to respond directly to your questionnaire before election day.


However, we would encourage your organization to read the Ontario Liberal Party’s Plan for Ontario here:


Choosing the Ontario Liberals means taking a stand for jobs, for growth, and for keeping our recovery on course. Ontario Liberals will continue to work to create opportunity for all by investing in people, in transit and infrastructure, and in supporting a dynamic and innovative business climate. We will create a new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan to give you a more secure retirement, and continue the investments in health care, education, and those Ontarians who just need a boost, or some special supports, to get by and get ahead.


We hope our plan addresses your organization’s policy concerns and that Nancy Leblanc can count on your support in Parkdale-High Park on June 12.
Thank you for your understanding.


Take care,



Nancy Leblanc Campaign