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Campaign: 2014 Ontario Election: Shuja Syed, NDP, Scarborough Guildwood

October 27, 2021In Violence and Safety


Justin Trottier, Executive Director
Canadian Association for Equality

Respected Gabrielle Bouchard,  I have raised five children.  Three boys and two girls.  Four of my children gone to the university and the little one is in Grade 1.   One of the fundamental causes, I have seen is letting children, particularly boys, out of their homes after 18.  I dont agree with that since a boy, in particular is not matured until the age of between 25 and 30.  I am not telling that girls should be told to leave the house.  Not at all.  My first two sons could not have handled the outside world, its distractions,  its charm, its deception.  They still need our guidance even though they are 27 and 25.  I still let them move around in the house as if they own the house.  Family values have to be brought back.  Boys are more susceptible to distractions.  When I had counselled the inmates at East Detention Centre in Scarborough for over 6 years, I have noticed that more boys are incarcerated than girls.  I will tirelessly work to bring family institution back to the society.  Social ills are the greatest problem that has its branches spreading and affecting our other aspects of life.



Most definitely, women suffered domestic violence for centuries.  However, I agree that we need to bring balance.  Being a husband for over 25 years, and watching closely the relationship of my parents, I sincerely believe that without hurting the rights of women, yes, I will support a legislation that address the domestic violence as per the institution of family, not gender based.  We need to look the situation as per the unit of family, that includes husband and wife. Life is balance.  Breaking that balance will hurt both genders actually.  In the name of protection to one gender, we will inadvertently hurt both of them.  I look the whole situation as family, not as female or male rights.  It is a human problem.  We need to restore the rights of humans regardless of male or female.


I support that Ontario Legal Aid programs treat all Ontarians equally. Funding be available for both genders. As I said earlier, I see the problem, not based upon gender, but it is a human problem. We need to provide the support to humans, regardless of genders.


Father and Mother are two wheels. If mother is engine, then father is fuel or vice versa. Breaking that balance is destructive to children and our future generations. Family, family and family. A single mother or father is not a family. It is a recipe of disaster. I will do everything in my capacity to bring back the institution of family. Family is the microcosm of larger society. I sincerely believe that both parents should have access to the children regardless they remain married or no.


We need unbiased and fair and just criminal justice system. No gender should be treated with more punitively for the same criminal behaviours. I also understand the natural physical difference and requirement between males and females. Instead of punitive measures, I will support the laws that involves serious counselling, intervention and undertaking of all the measures and efforts before punishing anybody.