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Campaign: Ontario Election 2018 – Mark Vercouteren, Green Party, Chatham-Kent–Leamington

October 27, 2021In Violence and Safety


Justin Trottier, Executive Director
Canadian Association for Equality

1. In 2016, Bill 170, An Act to proclaim the week immediately preceding the third Sunday in June as Men’s Health Awareness Week, was tabled in the Ontario legislature to recognize the importance of addressing men’s health issues.

Would your government re-introduce this legislation or support its passage if it were reintroduced in the House?


I support efforts to encourage health for men and women such as cancer screenings, particularly for prostate cancer.  As I result I would have to study this bill in detail to provide a more detailed answer.

2. In Canada, the suicide rate for males is at least three times higher than the rate for females.

What action would your government take to address the high rate of male suicide?


Prevention is key with the Green Party which includes supporting mental health. Basic income for all will alleviate the worry that a lot of people are having with just getting the basics. Many are in precarious jobs, or even with higher education feel stuck in low wages which can lead to depression, anxieties and some may act on those feelings of despair. Although I haven’t thought about that. I have felt tremendous pressure when we had a home to take care of, bills to pay especially the mortgage and no job or losing a job. My wife’s dad’s friend did commit suicide which was devastating. Its also found that many who survive trying to commit suicide regret they tried. Others may continue to try because the situation seems hopeless and wont change.

3. All victims of domestic violence deserve support. According to Statistics Canada’s 2014 General Social Survey on Family violence,

“equal proportions of men and women reported being victims of spousal violence during the preceding 5 years (4%, respectively). This translated into about 342,000 women and 418,000 men across the provinces.”

There are over 177 shelters and residential facilities in Ontario for abused women. There are 0 shelters dedicated to male victims of domestic violence and their families.

Would your government provide funding to support opening Ontario’s first shelter for abused fathers and children?


I would do what do what I can to examine this issue further.  We would want to increase lower income housing.  

4. Boys are dropping out of school and enrolling in post-secondary institutions at rates significantly lower than their female counterparts. Children succeed when they have mentors or role models with whom they can readily identify. In publicly funded preschool and primary school the percentage of male teachers is about 16%.

What action, if any, would your government take to recruit men into the teaching profession, in particular in preschool and elementary school?


We would like to increase the number of teachers in Ontario.

5. According to research from the Fatherhood Project, based out of Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, father involvement is critical to advancing positive health and psychosocial outcomes in children. Children with a strong father-child relationship display higher levels of self-control, are more likely to succeed in school and are less likely to engage in substance abuse.

When a family breaks-up, a child counts on his or her father to continue to provide financial support but also and equally important, to maintain a strong, loving and active relationship.

In Ontario, the Family Responsibility Office recognizes the first need by enforcing child support payments by non-custodial parents. At this time, however, there is no agency in Ontario that enforces child access orders generated by family courts, which is critical to ensure that non-custodial parents are able to maximize involvement with their children.

Would you support expanding the mandate of the Family Responsibility Office or another provincial agency to enforce child access orders?

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Yes. A good father should be able to see their children.

6. The #MeToo movement has alerted us to a problem with coercive and harassing behaviour in the workplace. The focus now is to develop appropriate measures to effectively address this problem without generating unintended negative consequences. In particular, we must be careful to preserve the underlying moral principles of our legal system, which have been refined over centuries.

What role, if any, does the Government of Ontario have in taking steps to improve workplace culture in a manner that also protects the rights of accused individuals?

For far too long we have neglected teaching children such things as consent, this is why updated sex ed is so important. For many parent’s did not grow up with the Internet or as it is today with technology , that cellphones have cameras, so sexting, harassment and bullying is able to continue outside of school hours etc.
The Green Party’s policy is of a safer workplace culture, free of harassing behaviours.