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Gone Girl is a must see movie for anyone. The female protagonist gets away with murder by crying abuse and rape. It demonstrates what can and does happen to men everyday who are faced with false allegations of rape and abuse.

Spoiler Alert

Gone Girl features a suburban couple played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The couple seems like any other American couple.  However, Pike disappears with much of the movie focused on Affleck’s attempts to locate her. His search for his missing wife becomes a national sensation. But the true creepiness sinks in when we realize that Pike is actually framing Affleck for her murder.  All of this justified in Pike’s mind due to Affleck’s extramarital affair. The smoking gun during the police investigation is a journal written by Pike documenting the years of “abuse” at the hands of Affleck. The journal is fabricated and intentionally left for the police by Pike. Pike eventually returns after days of missing covered in blood.

What makes Gone Girl so incredible is Pike’s ability to use false allegations of rape and abuse to not only justify her behaviour but almost give her free passage on any type of conduct. Pike is viewed as a hero on her return. The FBI agents are reluctant to interrogate her further as she sits crying in a wheel chair. In the end only Affleck, his sister and the lead female police officer are on to Pike. Affleck plays it off that he is happy for her return but privately he confronts her and expresses his intention to leave the marriage. Pike announces she is pregnant, and tells Affleck, “stay with me and I will make you happy. You know I can. I’ve killed for you.” Affleck feels he needs to stay, “I have a responsibility. This isn’t just about me anymore,” as he tries to justify it to his sister who is repulsed by the idea.

After all, even with the unborn baby in her belly Pike threatens that the baby will grow up hating Affleck if he does not stay.

Sound far fetched? Not really. Gone Girl highlights the incredible gender discrepancies that exist in our society. How Affleck’s character goes from innocent victim to suspect. How Pike uses her sexuality and crocodile tears to sway any who doubt her version. How her allegations of being raped by an ex-boyfriend are in fact false. How Pike plays on the emotional vulnerability of Neil Patrick Harris’s character who tries to comfort and support her. Only to have his throat slit by her.

Unlike the movie Fatal Attraction where the female villain is shot dead in Gone Girl, Affleck ends up staying with Pike. With the final scene of him staring at the back of her head and pondering what she is thinking with her looking back at him and flashing him a quiet and creepy smile.