Heard any horror stories from family court?
Mountain View
The Family Law System can hurt fathers, but it also hurts children and mothers as well. Canadian Association for Equality Advisory Fellow William Spotton joins TVO The Agenda on a panel to explore family law, custody support and the Family Responsibility Office

The episode aired on November 26 but is also available at the episode page:Cutting Through the Backlog

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From the episode webpage:

Supporting Child Support

Child support in Ontario is managed through the Family Responsibility Office. In addition to dealing with properly submitted support payments, FRO staff is tasked with attempting to collect $2.1 billion in arrears payments. The Agenda looks at what can be done to improve the system in a period of tight government purse strings.

Holly Moore, Reporter, CBC Manitoba
William Spotton, Advisory Fellow, Canadian Association for Equality
Staci Lumb, Founder, Single Moms, Fresh Start
Andrew Feldstein, Family Lawyer, Feldstein Family Law