The, the Humber College newspaper, featured a piece based on interviews with our recent speaker Professor of Sociology at York university and Canadian Association for Equality Advisor Robert Kenedy as well as with Barbara Kay, who will give our next presentation on Thursday, March 1 at the University of Toronto:

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Kay explained to how this response to radical feminism has been a long time in coming.

“When [radical feminism] evolved into a kind of campaign against men instead of for women, I think they were taken unawares,” Kay said. “This whole war against men took place without a shot being fired because men were unprepared and ignorant of what was actually happening.”

She spoke of the alarmism and “moral panic” raised by public service ads against domestic violence. Many of the statistics used are widely misinterpreted. For instance, Kay said that one statistic asserting “one in three women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime” is an average – so a woman who has been assaulted a thousand times as a sex slave will greatly skew that number. Kay said some statistics also factor in “cat-calls” or similar expressions as “abuse.”