From a CAFE member:

This March 2015 the Father’s Rights Wing of the Save Indian Family organization will be going on a hunger strike.

The Father’s Rights Wing is spreading awareness about the growing number of father’s who are being alienated from their children. The group says they are, “tired of being treated as free automatic teller machines” and that they are, “tired of being treated like a visitor in their own child’s life.” They speak of the injustice at the family law courts and how disgruntled wives can pursue criminal proceedings. How fathers are being wrongfully imprisoned along with even extended family members. The group addresses issues about fake rape cases, child support and dowry.

However, the most tragic and perhaps the motivating factor for the Father’s Rights Wing is the overwhelming number of fathers and married men that are committing suicide. The group’s website states that in 2012 approximately 63,000 married men committed suicide.

One female supporter of the group told me she became involved because her brother committed
suicide three years ago due to his wife’s false rape allegation. Since, then she has been actively promoting the group and speaking up for father’s rights.

We must support the Father’s Rights Wing as they spread awareness for father’s rights. With India being the largest democracy in the world there is potential for the Father’s Rights Wing to become influential and a positive movement for change.

On March 7 and 8th we must stand with our brothers in India as they endure a hunger strike and fight for the rights of father’s not just in India but around the world.

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