A friend sent me a link to the following video on youtube entitled “How a Real Man Takes Off His Underwear”. The video was uploaded by a lady, along with the remark “This is hilarious!”

After referencing the video, this friend said:

This was just sent to me as a joke and I found it very unfunny. Thought you might be able to use it on your website, Justin. Why is anybody laughing at this? How horrible…

A second friend who was copied on this exchange then contributed the following:

Seems fine to me. A guy acts stupid, and gets embarrassed due to his stupid actions. He didn’t seemed injured, so I don’t see the big deal. I would actually feel worse for the bull than the guy. That bull is probably very confused and scared and is clearly not there on its own free will.

I can see both their points. Certainly this archaic and brutal “sport” is in fact torture for these animals. But I can’t help thinking that if a male had posted a video about the identical incident happening to a woman, with the tag line “This is hilarious!” and featuring an audience full of laughing spectators in stitches, that that might have been construed as society legitimizing violence against women, especially with International Women’s Day right around the corner. And remember that men are far more likely to actually get hurt or killed in these sorts of incidents, sometimes due to their own stupidity and sometimes simply because men are far more likely to put themselves into dangerous situations out of necessity in their employment.

Or am I overthinking this, as some suggested to my post regarding offensive cartoons and t-shirts? I would appreciate your thoughts.