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Matt Campbell – An Interview with a Men’s Activist (Pendulum Effect podcast Ep 9 available)

If you can show with objective data that your assumptions and perceptions about men vis a vis women is incorrect the average person goes into a trance, into autopilot, they just dismiss it

Matt Campbell is the Editor of the Men’s Activist News Network (MANN), an ongoing publicly accessible database of news and commentary on men’s issues. He has been involved in men’s rights activism since 2001, working with several organizations in efforts to raise awareness.

Matt also worked with True Equality in organizing their 2007 conference in Washington DC on Boys and the Boys Crisis. The conference featured discussions covering topics like education, fatherhood, circumcision and media bias. In attendance were such keynote speakers as Christina Hoff Sommers on the discrimination of boys in school, radio personality Glenn Sacks addressing the topic “Can Boys and Girls be Raised Without Men: the Drive to Diminish the Importance of Fathers”, and Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young speaking on the topic “Coming of Age as a Villain: What Young Men Need to Know in a Misandric World.” It was a real landmark event in terms of bringing some very rarely heard issues into the spotlight. You can learn more and get DVDs of the presentations at TrueEquality.com.

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The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men, by Christina Hoff Sommers

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