Canadian “Men’s Centre” Soon a Reality as Fundraising Nears Goal
Indiegogo Crowdfunding Initiative Launched as Campaign Announces Dec 1 End

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (Oct 31, 2013) Toronto’s first “Men’s Centre” – the Canadian Centre for Men and Families – is nearly a reality, as the campaign reports raising $45,000 toward its minimum goal of $50,000.

“We are grateful to the hundreds of contributors who rose to the challenge to be part of something truly unique,” said Malcolm Johnston, CAFE Spokesperson.

“These men and women are ensuring this project’s success, despite overwhelming challenges. We’ve faced opponents spreading hate and misinformation, law-breaking and dangerous protests, and special security fees to guarantee our right to speak freely at public events.”

The “Men’s Centre” project will not threaten but will compliment important existing efforts at gender equality by tackling disregarded areas like violence against men, the emerging educational crises for boys, and the anti-father bias in family courts.

The considerable opposition to the project and the even larger outpouring of support signal the urgent need for a safe space to offer education, research, advocacy and social services for boys, men and families.

CCMF has launched a crowdfunding initiative on Indiegogo for the Campaign’s final month. The Campaign will end on December 1, 2013.

“Through Indiegogo we aim to surpass our minimum goal and reach closer to $75,000, which would greatly expand the range of services our eventual Centre will be able to offer the community,” said Johnston.