Men’s Issues Group CAFE Condemns Threats Targeting Feminists and Women
CAFE calls on U of T to Host Townhall Before Cathy Young’s Talk “The Politics of Gender” next week

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (September 15, 2015) The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) and the U of T Men’s Issues Awareness Society (UTMIAS) condemn in the strongest possible language threats of violence targeting feminists and women at the University of Toronto.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have been threatened,” said CAFE Executive Director Justin Trottier. “It has been our long-stated belief that intimidation against those who hold opinions with which you disagree is an attack against all of us. Each person must feel safe to express themself without fear of intimidation or harassment.”

Cathy Young, the well known journalist and “equity feminist,” will speak at the University of Toronto on Thursday, September 24th and in Ottawa on Friday, September 25th, at the event “The Politics of Gender and Victimhood,” planned weeks ago by the UTMIAS and sponsored by CAFE.

“Our events discuss suicide, fatherhood, men’s health and the need for inclusive public policies to support all victims of violence,” said Trottier. “We cannot allow intimidation to close down debate on critical gender issues. But it is the responsibility of those hosting dialogue to work to ensure the safety of all participants.”

Given recent threats, as well as the harassment by those protesting previous CAFE-sponsored event, there may be legitimate safety concerns on all sides. A safe walk service for any guest requesting it will be provided at the Cathy Young talks to and from the event to vehicles or the TTC.

CAFE has also contacted the University of Toronto administration and those groups targeted by online threats to recommend a public dialogue to discuss how we can confront intimidation that affects us all. “It is time for all those who put the well-being of people ahead of ideology to come together and resolve this situation.”


Justin Trottier
Executive Director, Canadian Association for Equality