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Queen’s Dept. of Gender Studies Hosts Rape Apologist Tonight
Queen prof Adele Mercier dismisses statutory rape of boys but sexual chants & facebook posts are condemned

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (April 8, 2014) The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) is deeply disturbed that Queen’s University is hosting an event tonight (Tuesday, April 8) featuring rape apologist and Queen’s Professor of Philosophy Adele Mercier. The event is a direct response to CAFE’s March 27 talk by Professor Janice Fiamengo, which some feminist groups on campus described as promoting misogyny and rape culture.

In a March 31 letter in the Queen’s University Journal, Mercier dismisses reports that 95% of abused boys in juvenile facilities are attacked or coerced by female staff, insisting:

“so the 95% that you cite is of MALE YOUTH who experience sexual misconduct involving FEMALE STAFF WITHOUT FORCE.”

“In other words, her defense for the statutory rape of boys is that he wanted it,” said CAFE Spokesperson Adam McPhee. “While sexually explicit chants or facebook posts have been condemned for fostering rape culture on campus, Mercier trivializes actual statutory rape, provided it is committed by a female against a male.”

In another Queen’s Journal letter of April 3, 2014, Mercier says:

“Yes, men too are raped (and note that it is men who rape them)…”

“Mercier’s true intent is clear,” said McPhee. “Committed beyond reason to her ideological position, she wants us to ignore growing evidence of the reality of female sexual predators.”

An incarcerated youth can give no meaningful consent and Mercier’s comments diminish the criminal culpability of dangerous offenders. CAFE stands for gender equality, and believes that the severity of the crime is not lessened on the basis of gender. Mercier’s comments are unacceptable in a society which values and protects all children equally.

CAFE spokespeople will be attending tonight’s event at Queen’s University to listen respectfully and engage the public and the press. CAFE’s goal is to raise awareness of a rape double standard that is harming boys, families and society.

Amber Taylor, Media and Public Relations Director,
Canadian Association for Equality