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Men in Power: Interview with Steve Saltarelli, leader of America’s First Male Empowerment Campus Group (Pendulum Effect podcast #11)

“there are a lot of things that just weren’t addressed. For instance rates of suicide of people 20-24… men have a 7 times higher rate of suicide, and that’s something that not only most people wouldn’t know it, it’s not addressed”
– Steve Saltarelli, leader of Men in Power, University of Chicago

With unemployment hitting men significantly worse than women in this economic time, and with the gender gap for bachelor and master degrees strongly skewed now in favour of women, not to mention all the other topics we explore on this show, many are starting to ask whether it isn’t time for some male empowerment on campus. and student leaders are beginning to respond. On a future episode we’ll interview a leader from the new Men’s collective at Brandon College in Manitoba, Canada which formed earlier in 2009.

Today I’m really excited to have on the show Steve Saltarelli. Steve is a third year University of Chicago student who recently launched a group that is claiming increasing attention called provocatively Men in Power. Stating at the outset that those seeking a group to advance men at the expense of women are in the wrong place, Men in Power’s mission includes:

– Addressing and raising awareness of the issues and challenges that contemporary men face in society today
– Assisting young men in the community confronting the challenges in their lives and instilling in them a positive view of the role of the male sex
– Reducing if not eliminating the existing antagonism of the two sexes through civil discourse

Is this terribly exist stuff? You can learn more about them at www.meninpower.com or find them on facebook by searching under Men in Power. You might also find them covered in the following press over the last couple of months:

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Contact: meninpowerchicago@gmail.com








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National Public Radio

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