Men in the Media:
A 2015 Retrospective of Men and Gender
It’s time for CAFE’s annual retrospective analysis of last year’s news coverage. The following is our Top 12 list of stories that relate to men and gender from 2015, compiled from your recommendations. Thank you to everyone who participated.

1. A series of great “Dad-vertisements” during the Superbowl:
In particular, watch these ads by Dove.
2. Important research was covered showing that disadvantage actually hurts males more than females. This will help improve programs to better support boys.
3. Yes men can suffer eating and body dysmorphic disorders too, as a great ad campaign highlighted
4. Surprisingly, a lot of columnists and others pronounced the federal government’s ban on single male Syrian refugees sexist:
Thomas Mulcair: Lone Syrian Men Shouldn’t Be Excluded (Huffington Post)
6. Bad decision, but great coverage. The Ryerson Student Union denies recognition to a men’s support group, a move roundly critiqued.
7. Horrible news, but good to see the Toronto Star focusing on the international plight of individual men:
Prisoners: Five men [with ties to Canada] who won’t be home for holidays.
8. If the genders were reversed?…
9. There was much coverage of the murder of 43 Mexican students. However nearly no media reported that all 43 were men, as can be seen in the photo here
10. The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs acknowledges Aboriginal men are more likely to be murdered, but nevertheless pledges to focus the government’s inquiry strictly on women because of the “tremendous call and consensus” (ie political pressure). Few reporters challenged this. To be fair, in recent weeks she has indicated a willingness to consider expanding the inquiry to include boys and men
11. Helping men is a negative? It’s hard to imagine a program being punished for helping too many women.
There appeared to be more positive news coverage of men’s issues in 2015 then in previous year. Let’s not just hope this trend continues through 2016, but let’s make some positive news together!