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Innovative new Documentary/story about Domestic Abuse – Male Victim
A google hangout with a man named Mal (& Trevor) who wants to share his story and what he learned from an abusive relationship. A film project is now underway to create an educational and entertaining documentary about Mal’s encounter with an Invisible Borderline.

Real People, Real Struggles, Real Solutions – Stories from the first year at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families

Learning the Hard Way – One Man’s Ordeal with Domestic Violence

Parental Alienation Perpetrated by the System – Kris Speaks

Severely Abused, Suicidal & Falsely Accused – Edward recounts his Life

Homeless & Voiceless – Glenn’s story of Sexism, Death, & Destruction

22 years of Abuse – Steve’s Story

Julio shares his experience with domestic violence & the justice system

Single dad gets no help. Young daughter left homeless: Support the Men’s Centre

From sex abuse of boys to a family in trouble: A New Video Appeal