CAFE is proud to pass along a message from our friends at the Canadian Equal Parenting Council:

Dear Friend,

We are in the fight of our lives with powerful interests who want to keep the status quo in family courts. We are sponsoring a bill in federal parliament (C-560) which would make reasonable reforms to the Divorce Act so that fit parents would not have fight to remain in their children’s lives.

But those mild changes are wildly opposed by those who profit from the current system.  Our main opposition is from the vested interests of the family law committee of the Canadian Bar Association. They want to continue the gravy train to line their own pockets. They claim that they act in the “best interests of children”.  This is not true. Even their own website admits that they act to promote the interests of lawyers.

The Supreme Court Justice Cromwell report agrees that there are major problems with the current system and calls for what we ask for: consensual decisions on custody.

The CBA have not been telling the truth about bill C-560. They claim that it would replace “best interests of the child” Not true. They claim that it is about parent rights. Not true. (rights might not be a bad thing, but there is no mention of that in the bill.) We have collected 17 myths spread by the anti-parent crowd and countered them on our website.

I need your help to stop this powerful opposition. We are up against highly paid professionals who will bend any rule, use any connection, spend any amount to block what parents and children need: Bill C-560. Please consider giving to CEPC through the weblink (charge card or paypal.)

I will ensure that we use every dollar prudently to push for equal parenting reforms so that your children and grandchildren need not face this problem.

All of us would rather be parenting our children than fighting the CBA and politicians for something that 80% of the Canadian public agrees with. There are no guarantees in this political fight, except that if we don’t fight for this, the special interests will win, C-560 will die and more parents and children will suffer under the current dysfunctional system. We may not get another chance to reform Divorce law for another 15 years.

Please give generously, what you can afford. Every dollar counts and CEPC is the only national parents organization advocating for you on this issue.

Thanks for your attention to this important issue,

Glenn Cheriton, father and president, CEPC

p.s. You can donate at our website, or with a cheque to Canadian Equal Parenting Council, c/o 631 Tubman Cr, Ottawa ON K1V8L5