Our Research officer Jola Mecani has just published her Research Brief and Literature Review on Misandry in the Law and Policy. Read the full document.

Here are a few of Jola’s shocking findings:

Men’s rights and fair access to law and policy remain among the most contentious topics today. Certainly we can all agree that men, like women, experience domestic and family violence, sexual harassment, emotional abuse and trauma. The numbers agree with us as well. Statistics across the board confirm that even though women have a higher chance of encountering the aforementioned types of violence, men are victims as well. During a lengthy literature review of violence and gender, I found very little resources and research dedicated to the study of male victims. It leaves much work to be done. If we fail to study the nature of violence against men, then we undermine the efforts of our first responders, our justice system and our government.

I didn’t have to look far to see a lack of male representation in domestic and family violence profiling. Various of the Ontario Government’s awareness campaigns to end violence are women centric from the first letter to the last dot. A male victim seeking resources would be rather off put by such a display. Women do not have it better. But men who suffer as victims of violence certainly don’t have it dandy either. Our laws and policies will remain uninformed and male victims of violence will suffer from a lack of fair access to justice unless more research and resources are allocated to the study of violence against men.

There are many issues that need to be addressed as well in our laws and policies to reduce bias against men. If you’d like to learn more, please refer to our new literature review report on on the LAW.

Read Jola’s Research Brief and Literature Review: Misandry in the Law and Policy